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Date 2008-01-19.04:58:03
Content writes:

 >     Ville> If someone wants to have a look at porting vc-hg.el to XEmacs and
 >     Ville> replacing mercurial.el in the vc package with ot or look at what
 >     Ville> would it take, please go ahead.  If the switch is going to be
 >     Ville> made, it'd be better to do it now while the new vc package is in
 >     Ville> the experimental area rather than later.  I may get to it
 >     Ville> sometime, but that's not a promise and it's not likely to happen
 >     Ville> any time soon.

 > Is there some "institutional knowledge" which tells what common changes to
 > look for when porting from GNU Emacs to XEmacs?

Historically, keymaps, GUI features, and extents vs. overlays were the
main issues.

More recently though we've lagged behind in a lot of areas.  I doubt
that vc-hg.el will be using much GNU-specific code that is not in the
VC package, though.

Note that ESR is currently completely refactoring GNU's VC package
(and I mean APIs are being added and are disappearing); people might
want to look at relevant threads on emacs-devel before putting in too
much time on this.

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