Author adam
Date 2008-04-21.21:04:05
This is going to be a dumb question as I am an xemacs 
newbie. I am trying to build a top level verilog 
hierarchical design. I am currently working at the top level 
using the verilog auto extensions. I am using version 21.5. 
When I open up my top level file everthing seems okay 
however when I try to execute the AUTOINPUT, AUTOOUTPUT, 
AUTOINOUT and AUTOWIRE statements, the autos do not work 
properly. I also am using the AUTOINST feature as my top 
level instantiates 5 modules. Finally I am using the 
AUTOTEMPLATE for all instatiations as the top level wires 
require unique names that dont match my port names. of the 5 
instantiations 3 of them are small and 2 are very large. I 
notice error messages while the autos are executing saying 
the Buffer is big for them. What happens is that the 
templating doesn't follow through correctly and I get a 
bunch of top level I/Os created because the templating 
didn't complete right. 

Guys in my office kind of shrugged and said this happens 
with xemacs as it cannot handle large databases. Is this 
true. I fundamentally think I have screwed up. 

Any advice would be helpful. Sorry if it is a really dumb 
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