Author anonymous
Date 2008-03-27.12:04:06
Version:           Windows native (binary) 21.4.21.
Operating System:  Win200 or winXp.

With multiple frames open and an active isearch in one frame,
if a toolbar button like [Open] or [Save] is clicked in the
other frame, then Xemacs gives the following error:

"(1) (error/warning) Error in `pre-command-hook' (setting hook
to nil): (wrong-type-argument unable to bind this type of
event #<misc-user-event (call-interactively toolbar-open)>)"

After this has occurred, pending-delete is disabled and
parenthesis-matching behaves strangely. It seems to be
necessary to quit/restart Xemacs to recover. The fault only
occurs on the msWindows version, not on Solaris.
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