Author purtill
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Date 2008-01-19.06:43:16
Stephen J. Turnbull |xemacs| wrote:
 > writes:
 >  > Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion
 >  > Warning: Unable to load any usable fontset
 > This is almost certainly an X server configuration issue: you have no
 > legacy (bitmap) fonts available.  XEmacs cannot even display an error
 > message in the frame in that case; there's no real point in
 > continuing.

	I realized I wasn't as clear as I could have been, especially
in view of that message.  The frame actually pops up (with visible
text), and I can even type into the scratch buffer and save files;
xemacs crashes when I try to read a file.  (The crash I reported in
the previous message happened when I did ^X^F ~/.vm, but the same
thing happens with any file I've tried.)

 > You have a few options.
 > (1) As an immediate workaround, you can run XEmacs in a terminal with
 > xemacs -nw.
 > (2) Install legacy fonts (not recommended unless you want to help
 > support users who don't have access to Xft yet).
 > (3) Configure XEmacs with Xft support.  Gentoo being Gentoo, there's
 > probably a USE flag for this.  If not, add something like
 > --with-xft=emacs,menus,tabs,gauges
 > to the configure options you use.
 >  > Fatal error: assertion failed, file lstream.h, line 275, stream->imp == imp
 > This is not how I would expect XEmacs to crash in this case (usually
 > the abort is in Xlib's default error handler).  Please try (1) and (3)
 > at least, and let us know if they solve your problem.

	I did check with -nw, and the crash is the same.  I can try
turning on the xft flag if you think it's still interesting.
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