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Date 2011-09-03.23:43:26
I'm trying to learn to make an info file for new packages.
This page:
Seemed a good place to start, with selection #3: Creating an info file.

But that page that takes you to
which lists 3 "see section..." statements, but no other information.
I wonder if there were to be 3 links there, to point to the sections
recited, but they didn't get put in as links?  

Or, if these were not meant to be links to the relevant information, can
we add some information about textinfo, whether it is a file that comes
with XEmacs, or if it is a standalone program to create info files (and
we are being instructed to read it's documentation)?  Or if the
information referred to is in one of the other XEmacs documentation
files--then could we say which documentation file it should be found in?

I'm asking if we could either:
1. Fix the links (if they were supposed to be links)
2. Add a sentence saying what the word "textinfo" is and optionally
where to start looking for it.

Steve Mitchell
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