Author mike.kupfer
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Date 2011-07-16.05:10:34
A couple of users have reported warnings on 21.5.31 when using
"gnuclient -nw" and XEmacs has a graphics image that was created using
(make-glyph ... :data ...).  See issue778 for details (including the
values of the :data-based and :file-based glyphs that I talk about

I'd like some guidance on how the code is supposed to work.

First question: as described in issue778, the test-case glyph from MH-E
is different depending on whether it was created using :data or :file.
With:data, the specifier has tty and stream clauses that it lacks when
created with :file.  Is that to be expected?

Second question: suppose a buffer is created containing one of these
:data glyphs while the current frame is an X window, and then the buffer
is then viewed in a tty frame.  With 21.5.31, the user gets warnings.
With 21.5.29+0d436a78c514, there are no warnings, even though the
glyph's specifier still has those tty and stream clauses.  Is this
new warning expected?


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