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Date 2010-04-01.23:58:13
No errors. I am using Ctl-X Ctl-F to open a file. I then type /mnt/heg,
which is the particular point I am using to mount the file system, and
hit tab. the possible completions I get are . and ..

If I manually specify the entire path to a filename & the filename (in
this case hyprices.csv was the filename), I get the error:
File mode specification error: (file-error "Cannot open load file"

The previous test involved a long path with spaces in the file name,
that I made with Ctl-Q <space>.

I also created a testing.txt test file at /mnt/heg/data/SRAM, - which is
a shorter path that is actually mounted. I can see & view the file in
mc. If in the Find File dialog I put /mnt/heg/data/SRAM and hit Tab, I
get [no match]. If I specify the full path/filename, I get (new file),
even though the file exists.

If I edit this "new file" and save it, it overwrites the old one. I then
killed the buffer. When I tried to reopen it, I get (new file) again. 

The bottom line is that xemacs is able to write, but not read the share.
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