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Broken out of the "tiny inefficieny in `beginning-of-defun-raw',
lisp.el" thread.  This should show up shortly on the tracker with the
subject above.

 > Again, we are not talking "API differences".  XEmacs does not have
 > reliable tooltips,

I believe with some functions I've provided (about 4 years ago) its
tooltips are very close to reliable now on 21.4 as well as 21.5, but I
can't be sure because that's only in personal use, which is only to
provide the proof of concept, and the API probably sucks too.  Both of
those issues are because nobody else is using it.  However, it is
nearly impossible to use the Emacs API to broaden the audience because
XEmacs tooltips function completely differently.  That *is* a question
of API difference, and the only way I can see to deal with is to
provide a fsf-compat emulation of the Emacs API, if that's possible.
I didn't find a way at the time.

So what is a "reliable tooltip"?  (Don't tell me to look at Emacs, I
need to know what behavior needs to be supported that XEmacs doesn't,
not what an alternative implementation does.)

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