Author mike.kupfer
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Date 2009-06-14.00:09:41
Suppose I enter the following command from the shell (after starting
gnuserv in XEmacs), with one frame open on the desktop:

  $ gnuclient -eval "(ediff-files \"/home/kupfer/tmp/foo.c\"
\"/home/kupfer/tmp/bar.c\")" foo.c

What I expect to happen:

  - A new frame appears with foo.c and bar.c.  Since I have
    ediff-window-setup-function set to 'ediff-setup-windows-plain, I
    also expect the frame to contain the Ediff control buffer.

  - Ideally this would be the only new frame, but I could live with a
    second frame being created, containing foo.c

What actually happens:

  - the already-open frame is changed to contain foo.c, bar.c, and the
    Ediff control panel.

  - a second frame is created, containing foo.c

Suppose I invoke the same command, but with no frames open.

What I expect to happen:

  - same as above

What actually happens:

  - a single frame is created, containing foo.c

I've reproduced this with both 21.4.22 and 21.5.29, starting from
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