Author stephen
Date 2008-01-19.04:58:06
glenn opdycke-hansen writes:

 > Dear Bug Team!
 > >From dired, I can view or edit some files.

Please use M-x dired-report-bug to report this to the Dired maintainer
directly.  The XEmacs maintainers will also look at this as we have
time, but I'm sure the first thing he'll do is ask for a Dired report.
Also, if it would be convenient/permissible for you, include a
screenshot or simply the contents of the Dired buffer (you can copy it
like any other with C-x h M-w), since it sounds like a parsing

Are you in a non-US-English locale?  And if you don't include a
screenshot/buffer contents, let us/the Dired maintainer know if you
have non-ASCII file names in the Dired buffer?

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