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356 Buffer to Big error message new   86 months ago adam
405 Byte compiling startup files like init.el doesn’t work new   86 months ago mfabian
700 unable to access mounted file shares new   86 months ago
861 icalendar--decode-isodatetime should take a timezone new   86 months ago matsl
162 Making XEmacs/Gnus your default E-mail client under MS Windows new   88 months ago adrian
778 (make-glyph ... :data ...) on tty new   89 months ago tkil
857 Packages still not updating new   90 months ago robert.royar
789 assertion failed, file signal.c, line 733, QUIT called from within redisplay without being properly wrapped new   91 months ago mike.kupfer
856 DOC files should be versioned new   91 months ago stephen
855 system-name variable documented but not implemented new   91 months ago mike.kupfer
854 Regular expression construct for matching beginning and end of symbol is missing new   91 months ago matsl
853 Assertion in indent.c fires when running display-message-or-buffer adopted from GNU new   91 months ago matsl
852 auto-save-hook documented but not implemented new   91 months ago mike.kupfer
851 Horizontal scrollbars jitter in side-by-side windows new   92 months ago stephen
201 Fatal error: QUIT called from within redisplay without being properly wrapped new   92 months ago Klaus.Reim
312 [Bug: 21.5-b28] another crash on aix new   92 months ago T.Mittelstaedt
850 Make functions for making APIs obsolete or compatible consistent with each other new   93 months ago stephen
849 Improve INSTALL new   95 months ago stephen
807 [Bug: 21.5-b31] Crash in timeout handling code. new   95 months ago aidan
804 [Bug: 21.5-b29] gnus can't send in 21.5.29 but in 21.4.22 new   95 months ago oub
842 Some parts of frame missed in redisplay verified   95 months ago stephen
758 [Bug: 21.4.21] vc-annotate fails new   95 months ago oub
808 [Bug: 21.5-b31] configure does not like my Xaw3d lib new   95 months ago giacomo.boffi
844 cc-mode parse errors on buffers that aren't source code new   95 months ago mike.kupfer
845 Termcap support is broken new   97 months ago matsl
724 "Selection Aborted" error after clicking in frame with Compiz new   98 months ago mike.kupfer
841 Implement proper face inheritance new   98 months ago stephen
840 initial frame glitches new   99 months ago stephen
839 Version info for changed functions new   99 months ago stephen
835 tm sets unused Gnus variable assigned stephen 99 months ago mike.kupfer
837 SuSE patches suggested by Nemui Ailin new   99 months ago stephen
805 xemacs 21.4.22 does not compile with libpng 1.5 committed acs 100 months ago graaff
832 excessive indentation with w3 1.37+ new   101 months ago mike.kupfer
830 modeline corruption when scrolling mixed English/Japanese text new   103 months ago mike.kupfer
827 Crash when reading new   104 months ago rpluim
828 nested foreach does not indent correctly in PHP new   104 months ago anonymous
824 some package Makefile headers say "part of XEmacs, licensed under GPLv2" new stephen 107 months ago stephen
823 Bitbucket won't take my SSH key! verified   107 months ago stephen
811 undefined function bound to C-x RET C assigned   107 months ago jsparkes
82 weirdness in with-temp-buffer assigned aidan 107 months ago stephen
818 malformed path in 2 examples of installing packages new   107 months ago skm
820 install directions need path updated new   107 months ago skm
821 make test should return an error exit code when there are unknown errors new   107 months ago matsl
815 Check for core/package Lisp shadows and rename as needed. new   108 months ago stephen
814 33 dead links on main page verified   108 months ago skm
809 broken link: _ELSE_ in Download/elispPackages new   109 months ago stephen
806 Segfault in pdump_load_finish/pdump_reloc_one_mc on Mas OS X 10.7 new   110 months ago anonymous
800 a missing link or missing information in: info_3.html#SEC19 new   111 months ago anonymous
110 21.5 Mule build failure done/needs work aidan 111 months ago acs1
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