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809 broken link: _ELSE_ in Download/elispPackages new   141 months ago stephen
806 Segfault in pdump_load_finish/pdump_reloc_one_mc on Mas OS X 10.7 new   142 months ago anonymous
800 a missing link or missing information in: info_3.html#SEC19 new   142 months ago anonymous
110 21.5 Mule build failure done/needs work aidan 143 months ago acs1
798 BUFFER TABS & MODELINE NOT UPDATED W/SAVE AS new   143 months ago anonymous
797 carbon xemacs mach port leak new   143 months ago stephen
796 Crash reading a specific xml file new   143 months ago sdcoonce
794 No Mule guidance in installation instructions new   143 months ago andersjm
792 Syntax table documentation is deficient new   144 months ago stephen
793 List of text properties respected by core needs update in Lispref new   144 months ago stephen
790 FAQ description of package installation is out of date for 21.5, also User Guide new   144 months ago stephen
772 [Bug: 21.5-b31] mouse-track-adjust only works with Sh-button1 new   144 months ago mike.kupfer
771 [Bug: 21.5-b31] Can't show Track Activate Strokes (Customize) new   144 months ago mike.kupfer
788 gnus cannot send emails using smtp with starttls (i.e. gmail) in XEmacs 21.4.22 new   144 months ago jarl
786 Menubar accelerator code autoselects "[" in VM menubar. new   144 months ago stephen
697 [Bug: 21.5-b29] crash in redisplay.c, line 9165 with recent mercurial committed stephen 144 months ago tmstaedt1
785 tty frame resets modeline colors new   144 months ago hasm
784 switching x screens, pointer glyph not caching/should be, or vise versa new   144 months ago anonymous
783 Bug reports should list non-default customizations. new   144 months ago stephen
779 xemacs 21.5.31 fails compilation with +motif -xft new   144 months ago graaff
781 "Make me a developer"/"Assign to me" UI inconvenient at best, maybe buggy new stephen 145 months ago stephen
776 "Unable to find headers for --with=xft" means freetype new stephen 145 months ago anonymous
355 ruby detection in func-menu not working properly committed   145 months ago graaff
750 ruby-mode syntax issues new   145 months ago tejing
774 Jul-2010 sumo has shadows new   145 months ago mike.kupfer
310 xemacs and xmonad assigned stephen 145 months ago anonymous
770 other-frame can pick an unraisable frame new   145 months ago stephen
773 Add a function to invoke customize-variable from hyper-apropos buffer new   145 months ago stephen
769 apostrophes in internals node names new   146 months ago mike.kupfer
767 calc-store needs to provide itself new stephen 146 months ago stephen
751 Submission by mail fails due to attached files new stephen 146 months ago stephen
766 dired-re-permissions doesn't match alternate access method character new   146 months ago anonymous
411 [Bug: 21.5-b28] Save Options Doesn't Work? verified stephen 146 months ago rsparapa1
765 Build --with-database=berkdb,gdbm fails verified   147 months ago stephen
764 Installation should report basic integer types new   147 months ago stephen
745 [Bug: 21.5-b29] Can't build on cygwin 1.7 committed jsparkes 147 months ago FKtPp
676 64-bit lint, correct use of integer types new   147 months ago mike.kupfer
763 Devs shouldn't need to explicitly set 'dumped' keyword new   147 months ago stephen
752 x-symbol does not work in 21.5.29 (patch exists already) documented stephen 147 months ago oub
762 Means to subscribe to all "new or reopened" bugs new stephen 147 months ago stephen
761 xemacs 21.4.22 not starting correctly--half the window is blank. new   148 months ago stephen
759 Mirror in Hamburg,Germany new   148 months ago af_mirror
760 XEmacs reports duplicate auto-autoloads at startup verified mike 148 months ago stephen
753 Dave Love complains about license violations in python-mode.el new stephen 149 months ago stephen
209 Samba and XEmacs and read-only deferred   150 months ago xemacweb
743 compile.el does not parse GNU Fortran 4.5 errors correctly new   151 months ago MAILER-DAEMON
742 custom.el should start with a "don't edit me" comment new   152 months ago stephen
739 remove files duplicated from packages from 21.5 new   153 months ago stephen
737 need to package-suppress japan-util.el verified   153 months ago stephen
736 prettyprinters are ugly verified   153 months ago stephen
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