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ID Title Status Activity Creator
481 Apparently ordinary users can't assign issues to themselves assigned 153 months ago testuser
485 When someone sets assigned to, default status to assigned assigned 153 months ago stephen
480 Fix/implement automatic status transitions to "napping" and "deferred" assigned 153 months ago stephen
478 lib-src, lwlib, and lisp should be modules assigned 153 months ago stephen
477 Comment text should be forcibly wrapped assigned 153 months ago stephen
473 Make a copy errors assigned 153 months ago stephen
498 [Bug: 21.5-b28] XEmacs keyboard mapping under Gnome (Ubuntu 8.10) new 153 months ago marcus.harnisch
577 build report fails when config.values is empty verified 154 months ago stephen
578 config.values is empty verified 154 months ago stephen
574 Standard warning/error prefixes take up too much echo area real estate assigned 154 months ago stephen
107 dvc + xemacs needs test 154 months ago stephen
446 Fatal I/O Error 11 (includes fix) assigned 154 months ago anonymous
570 [Bug: 21.5-b29] usenet article freezes XEmacs committed 154 months ago giacomo.boffi
572 viper mode doesn't do "dd" and gets busy on "30j" new 154 months ago zooko
565 XEmacs hangs in xcb_wait_for_event verified 154 months ago stephen
566 infloop in regexp matching verified 154 months ago stephen
564 Broken link to dinkum new 154 months ago stephen
559 rename-buffer should default to the name that the buffer would normally get new 155 months ago stephen
556 We need `called-interactively-p' assigned 155 months ago stephen
561 Sync eldoc to GNU Emacs 22.1 version verified 155 months ago stephen
558 Clean up format string issues verified 155 months ago stephen
557 Should `self-insert-command' protect itself from non-interactive calls? assigned 155 months ago stephen
395 Allow for more than one site to be searched for packages verified 155 months ago matsl
552 Lisp reader doesn't handle `?(' correctly assigned 155 months ago stephen
228 Is there a working nxml-mode in XEmacs? assigned 155 months ago FKtPp
554 synch xemacs-base/skeleton.el to GNU Emacs 22.1.1 done/needs work 155 months ago stephen
553 Compiler should use prototype of function being compiled verified 155 months ago stephen
550 __STDC_VERSION__ not defined warning on Mac OS X done/needs work 156 months ago stephen
531 pui should be more aggressive about installing required packages verified 156 months ago mike.kupfer
549 gtk-glyphs.c incompatible with --with-union-type assigned 156 months ago stephen
542 [PATCH] Bad func-menu display in Python mode when there are nested functions new 156 months ago jeberger
536 deja vu font size setting does not affect some characters assigned 156 months ago jonbaron1944
430 [Bug: 21.4.21] Crash in sys_re_search_2 assigned 157 months ago Stefan.Alfredsson
514 Re: normalize.el (GPLv3, GNU Emacs) new 157 months ago stephen
517 [Bug: 21.4.22] Reproducible crash killing dired buffer new 157 months ago rsparapa
305 [Bug: 21.5-b28] why fold an 80-char line in an 80-col window? verified 157 months ago stephen
537 Old Mac line endings not converted correctly, assertion in c-tests assigned 157 months ago stephen
526 [Bug: 21.5-b28] savehist-autosave errors if print-readably is globally t assigned 157 months ago aidan
528 Fix in mswindows_link needs testing committed 157 months ago stephen
530 window configuration mgmt with gnuclient new 157 months ago mike.kupfer
532 ediff-directories default differs from minibuffer initialization verified 157 months ago anonymous
535 [Bug: 21.5-b29] Stack trace on errors doesn't work new 157 months ago marcus.harnisch
533 Crash when loading module: compilation tool new 157 months ago anonymous
491 vc-dired-mode bug: dired-subdir-alist seems to be mangled new 157 months ago anonymous
187 [Bug: 21.4.21] Bad Window chatting 157 months ago rsparapa
525 make gnuclient work when gdm moves the xauth file new 158 months ago mike.kupfer
488 VC submenu under Tools verified 159 months ago rsparapa1
515 Timezone offset direction (from or to) should be clarified assigned 159 months ago adrian
516 Gtk frontend fails to compile verified 159 months ago anonymous
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