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ID Title Status Activity Creator
198 Running the carbon branch on 10.5. done/needs work 183 months ago malcolmp
224 byte compiler problem: miscompiling emacs-w3m committed 183 months ago mfabian
136 [Bug: 21.4.21] Xemacs cannot write to networked drive on WinXP new 183 months ago hilmar.berger
9 Use Message-ID headers for threading assigned 183 months ago stephen
381 VM-BUG: vm-followup-include-text parses multipart message wrong verified 183 months ago jcb+xeb
379 XEmacs mirror not responding assigned 183 months ago stephen
380 XEmacs mirror not responding assigned 183 months ago stephen
382 In listinfo page bad redirect to archives assigned 183 months ago stephen
230 Icon for XEmacs. assigned 183 months ago aidan
367 VM-BUG: vm-pgg can't handle read-only Presentation buffer verified 183 months ago stephen
368 VM-BUG: "Unrecognized property" alias-coding-systems verified 183 months ago stephen
371 VM-BUG: GPG error leaves viewport at bottom of message verified 183 months ago stephen
369 message can obstruct prompt verified 183 months ago stephen
85 Bizarre issue with symbolic links done/needs work 183 months ago stephen
330 (temp-directory) needs some (regexp-quote) love in gnuserv.el committed 183 months ago skip.montanaro
114 [Bug: 21.5-b21] list-colors-display committed 183 months ago andreas.roehler
366 Create a test for Mike's patch for "creeping windows" verified 183 months ago stephen
359 xemacs frequently crashes in the garbage collector assigned 183 months ago mfabian
365 list widget used instead of repeat widget new 183 months ago stephen
225 version control and branches new 184 months ago oub
138 Forwarding mail via XEmacs vm-mail command invisible in Thunderbird new 184 months ago skip.montanaro
179 vc-version-other-window, does not "respect" UTF-8 chatting 184 months ago oub
192 Xft performance with XEmacs 21.5.28 on Mac OS 10.5 chatting 184 months ago william.gallafent
112 [Bug: 21.4.20] smtpmail believes starttls is not needed new 184 months ago Francois.Puitg
197 [Bug: 21.5-b28] xemacs crashed on exit, hp-ux 11.11 chatting 185 months ago T.Mittelstaedt
320 RFC: add buffer-narrowed-p? new 185 months ago stephen
41 Upstream trackers should be automatically notified assigned 185 months ago stephen
316 Crash at startup deferred 185 months ago stephen
311 [Bug: 21.5-b28] xemacs can't allocate memory anymore, ran for 1 day+, problems with dired   185 months ago T.Mittelstaedt
83 Branches and Mercurial? chatting 185 months ago stephen
231 21.4.21 and font-lock-add-keywords assigned 185 months ago john
206 [AC pkgs (xemacs-base)] Escape parenthesis in shell.el filename completion committed 185 months ago eda
196 Details of the configuration of the xemacs hg repository. verified 185 months ago aidan
91 commit: Make Mercurial ignore many generated files. verified 185 months ago stephen
188 XEmacs Committers' Guide verified 185 months ago sperber
299 Icon - violet color, based on the logo from the website assigned 185 months ago dan.polansky
131 [Bug: 21.5-b28] XEmacs dired didn't work with FreeBSD ls chatting 186 months ago FKtPp
291 [Bug: 21.5-b28] segv when changing font new 186 months ago feodor
98 [PATCH] Abstract out a display-table-specific API (2) chatting 186 months ago stephen
164 [Bug: 21.4.21] segv after replying to mail new 186 months ago mike.kupfer
113 vc-annotate and SCCS chatting 186 months ago skip.montanaro
295 Unset property error message is unclear deferred 186 months ago stephen
72 [Bug: 21.4.17] When calling perldb from a script, the current source line is not properly selected! (keywords: perl, debug, gud), Resolved chatting 186 months ago stephen
280 buffer modification flag set, but no changes were made chatting 186 months ago T.Mittelstaedt1
271 More readable date formatting? chatting 186 months ago stephen
248 Defaults from strings vs defaults from database enumerators done/needs work 186 months ago stephen
70 Ordering autoloads [was: `defclass' and `defmethod' autoloads] deferred 186 months ago stephen
99 xemacs 21.5 b28 segfaults upon exit on aix 5.2 chatting 186 months ago stephen
222 Where should PSGML find standard DTDs? chatting 186 months ago pete.forman
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