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773 Add a function to invoke customize-variable from hyper-apropos buffer new   102 months ago stephen
769 apostrophes in internals node names new   103 months ago mike.kupfer
767 calc-store needs to provide itself new stephen 103 months ago stephen
751 Submission by mail fails due to attached files new stephen 103 months ago stephen
766 dired-re-permissions doesn't match alternate access method character new   103 months ago anonymous
764 Installation should report basic integer types new   104 months ago stephen
676 64-bit lint, correct use of integer types new   104 months ago mike.kupfer
763 Devs shouldn't need to explicitly set 'dumped' keyword new   104 months ago stephen
762 Means to subscribe to all "new or reopened" bugs new stephen 104 months ago stephen
761 xemacs 21.4.22 not starting correctly--half the window is blank. new   105 months ago stephen
759 Mirror in Hamburg,Germany new   105 months ago af_mirror
753 Dave Love complains about license violations in python-mode.el new stephen 106 months ago stephen
209 Samba and XEmacs and read-only deferred   107 months ago xemacweb
743 compile.el does not parse GNU Fortran 4.5 errors correctly new   108 months ago MAILER-DAEMON
742 custom.el should start with a "don't edit me" comment new   109 months ago stephen
739 remove files duplicated from packages from 21.5 new   110 months ago stephen
734 cedet does not seem to work new   110 months ago graaff
541 Image instantiator format is invalid new   110 months ago anonymous
731 mmm-mode 1.05 leads to infinite loops new   111 months ago graaff
729 tar-mode rename should update subfiles new   111 months ago mike.kupfer
728 menu items should get tooltips new   112 months ago stephen
727 XEmacs build misses info and other stuff (Launchpad bug pointer) new   112 months ago stephen
651 Bizarre Window Resizing when (default-toolbar-position 'left) new mike 112 months ago rz
726 New dutch mirror new   113 months ago xlmirror
725 Main menubar accelerators need collision avoidance new   113 months ago stephen
662 [Bug: 21.5-b29] "invalid operation" when reverting modified buffer with local variables new   113 months ago mike.kupfer
661 [Bug: 21.5-b29] crash after XEmacs started ignoring keyboard new   113 months ago mike.kupfer
669 [Bug: 21.5-b29] Calls to staticpro_nodump_1 and staticpro_1 need to be wrapped in #ifdef XEMACS_DEBUG new   113 months ago robert.royar
678 [Bug: 21.5-b29] NULL pointer in opcode_name_table, opcode 0. new   113 months ago malcolmp
693 [Bug: 21.4.21] can't save bugtrace buffer, coding problem? new stephen 113 months ago oub
695 [Bug: 21.4.21] another Mule+x-symbol corruption new   113 months ago oub
698 [Bug: 21.5-b29] Fatal error: assertion failed, file window.c, line 710, RECORD_TYPEP (obj, lrecord_type_window_mirror) new   113 months ago tmstaedt1
709 [Bug: 21.5-b29] xemacs aborts while trying to open a file via Ctrl-4 f new   113 months ago tmstaedt1
710 [Bug: 21.5-b29] assert_failed, "RD_TYPEP (obj, lrecord_type_extent)") at emacs.c:4027 new   113 months ago tmstaedt1
711 [Bug: 21.4.21] vc-annotate fails with strange error message (coding problem?) new   113 months ago oub
715 [Bug: 21.5-b29] error balancing tex-mode window new   113 months ago mike.kupfer
716 [Bug: 21.4.21] can't customize vc-annotate-color-map new   113 months ago oub
720 [Bug: 21.5-b29] RenderBadPicture (invalid Picture parameter) on exit new   114 months ago asjo
717 [Bug: 21.4.22] Crash while idle new   114 months ago rsparapa
719 New french mirror new   114 months ago analogue
718 Crash on X when deleting large chunk of text new   114 months ago mike
664 Fatal error: assertion failed, file window.c, line 1179, INTP (obj) new   114 months ago FKtPp
714 minibuffer-confirm-incomplete breaks find-file in nonexistent directory new   115 months ago greg
331 lose_lose abort in window_loop new   115 months ago greg
706 Cannot compile xemacs new   116 months ago Jick
701 hack-local-variables-mode-property mistakes XLFD for mode spec done/needs work acs 116 months ago stephen
707 Url to mailinglist for mirror maintainers on website doesn't exist new   116 months ago xlmirror
699 [Bug: 21.5-b29] gnuclient -nw kills/freezes xemacs new   117 months ago giacomo.boffi
685 Frame geometry broken in tiling wm new ben 118 months ago mike
638 [Bug: 21.5-b28] x-symbol does not work new   118 months ago oub
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