Title Some parts of frame missed in redisplay
Type defect Module core code 21.4, core code 21.5
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msg2468 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2012-12-27.17:10:14
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I'm not sure if this is part of the same bug, but Steven Mitchell reports:

Several months ago, I wrote to the group about XEmacs not starting right
in Enlightenment E17, i.e. that the left third of the screen was white  
from bottom clear up to covering the minimize/maximize/exit buttons at  
the top.  It fixes itself if you resize the screen by a corner. 

So I put into my init.el a workaround: 
;---- fix to start up correctly in enlightenment E17 
(custom-set-faces  '(default ((t (:foreground "yellow" :background
  "black" :size "19pt"))) t)) 
(custom-set-faces  '(default ((t (:foreground "yellow" :background
  "black" :size "20pt"))) t)) 
You replied that when you got time, you would look into that. 
I just had one further piece of information: 
Previously the problem existed while using 21.4.24. 
Since I installed 24.5.31 2 days ago, it has the same behavior, so none
of the changes since have affected the problem.

on XEmacs Beta in <> 2011-07-08.
msg2447 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2012-09-01.13:18:04
Ray Toy writes: Another display glitch: When the initial frame is
resized, the Help menu button is not displayed.  If I resize the
frame slightly (in any direction), the Help menu is displayed again. 

Steve replied: OK, there are some redisplay glitches where some
parts of XEmacs think the frame is of a different size than others
do.  This is probably just a another manifestation.
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