Title SuSE patches suggested by Nemui Ailin
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msg2430 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2012-08-09.07:50:15
As patches are verified to be interesting, please create new issues
for them, and note that they have been checked and which issue here.
If a patch is determined to be NOT interesting, do the same (except
I don't see a need to produce a new issue).

Nemui Ailin writes:

there is binary package for xemacs on suse @ 
if you look, there are several patches that get applied to XEmacs. I 
wonder if these have been brought to any one's attention, and if they 
are rubbish, distribution specific, or maybe some that should go up 
stream? I see from the file name some date back to version 21.4 
List of patches: 
Patch0:         xemacs.patch 
This patch seems to be a mixed bag, adds some "safeopen" function to 
mmencode.c, redefined pop to pop3 on linux in pop.c, adds exit 1 to 
failing mktemp call in vcdiff, maybe contains some useful terminal key 
bindings or maybe not? 
and definitely looks like some useless bits and some distro customization 
Patch3:         xemacs-app-defaults.patch 
- this is most likely distro-specific, sets some default fonts for the 
menu or so? 
Patch18:        xemacs-21.4.8-xevent.patch 
- uses XLookupString instead of XLookupKeysym in src/event-Xt.c, might 
this be a real fix for some problem? 
Patch20:        xemacs-21.4.13-ppc64.patch 
- adds a m/powerpc64.h file 
Patch23:        xemacs-ptmx.dif 
- move some getpt() code in src/process-unix.c, possibly prefering openpty? 
Patch27:        xemacs-level3.patch 
- adds codes for XK_Num_Lock and XK_ISO_Lock to event-Xt.c 
Patch28:        xemacs-21.5.18-movemail.patch 
- makes "fatal" function take 3 arguments in movemail.c 
Patch32:        do-not-create-backups-in-temp-directories.patch 
Patch33:        set-locale-to-c-when-not-supported-by-x.patch 
Patch39:        xemacs-tinfo.dif 
- adds some checks for ncursesw to 
Patch43:        set-language-unicode-precedence-list.patch 
- messes with chinese and japanese mule charset lists 
Patch45:        fix-defface-custom-modified-face.patch 
- replace :bold with :bold t in cus-edit.el 
Patch50:        menus-always-utf8.patch 
Patch51:        bnc502716-fontmenu.patch 
Patch52:        bnc502716-xft.patch 
Patch53:        xemacs-21.5.31-array.patch 
- changes a loop in mule-wnnfns.c to do len-- first, might this be a
real bug? 
Patch56:        xemacs-libpng15.patch 
Patch292811:    bugzilla-292811-make-x-make-font-bold-italic-xft-work.patch 
Patch301352:    bugzilla-301352-fix-wrong-incrementing-in-macros.patch 
- move ic++ outside of macro in mule-ccl.el, maybe just a style nitpick? 
I don't understand a lot or any of these patches so I would be 
interested in the experienced XEmacs hackers' opinions. I have 
summarized some of the patch contents where I can approximately tell 
what it does. In some other cases, the patch file name gives a pretty 
good idea of what it is doing. Yet in some cases I have no clue what 
it is doing. I would especially like to know if any of the patches are 
actually breaking XEmacs in some subtle way (remember the Debian 
random number generator ;-)).
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