Title custom-set-face-bold does not autoload
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Created on 2011-12-01.04:14:51 by skm, last changed 2012-01-09.04:04:31 by acs.

msg2404 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2012-01-09.04:04:31
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Added autoload cookie to custom-set-face-bold in both 21.4 and 21.5.
msg2387 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2011-12-01.04:14:50
In my init.el, I load a lisp program that contains custom-set-face-bold.
It prevents my init.el from completely loading because the function
custom-set-face-bold does not autoload.

The following seems to fix it: 
step 1: edit the following line in the auto-autoloads.el to include
;;;### (autoloads (custom-reset-faces custom-theme-reset-faces
custom-theme-face-value custom-theme-set-faces custom-set-faces
custom-set-face-bold custom-set-face-update-spec custom-declare-face)
"cus-face" "lisp/cus-face.el")

step 2: add a section right after the above line:
(autoload 'custom-set-face-bold "cus-face" "\
Set bold property of FACE to VALUE.

arguments: (FACE VALUE  &rest ARGS)
" nil nil)

step 3: byte-compile the file

Note: There are 2 &optional args going by [C-h f custom-set-face-bold],
&optional FRAME TAGS.  not sure if they should be substituted in place
of &rest ARGS here or not.
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