Title switching x screens, pointer glyph not caching/should be, or vise versa
Type defect Module core code 21.5
Severity some work obstructed Platform x86_64
Keywords motion, redisplay Nosy List anonymous
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Created on 2011-07-12.15:36:31 by anonymous, last changed 2011-07-12.15:36:31 by anonymous.

msg2336 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2011-07-12.15:36:31
with 2 xscreens, :0.0 and :0.1, XEmacs open on :0.0, choosing menu item
[frame on other display],then in :0.0 setting the text-pointer-glyph
image to a new image instance, As soon as you mouse over text in the
:0.1 screen,
XEmacs generates an error:
(711) (specifier/warning) error: (invalid-argument (Wrong domain for
image instance #<image-instance (pointer) on #<x-device on ":0.0" 0x2>
"test2.xpm" 22x22 @3,3 (0x3a00148/0x3a0014a) 0x60> #<window on
"*Warnings*" 0x9>))
 Repeatedly moving the mouse over text-cursor areas to non-text cursor
areas generates the same error again and again just incrementing the
error number. 

moving the mouse pointer back to XEmacs on screen :0.0, the same error
is generated there now too.

maybe it is not re-instance-ing the image when switching devices
(screens)and instead using cached copy?  I don't know enough about what
it should be doing.
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