Title Devs shouldn't need to explicitly set 'dumped' keyword
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Created on 2011-05-01.12:46:14 by stephen, last changed 2011-05-01.13:48:49 by aidan.

msg2285 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2011-05-01.13:48:49
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i) The dumped files are already available from Lisp, as the elements of

ii) Function and keymap autoloads in dumped files are silently ignored,
cf. the #'autoload docstring:


If FUNCTION already has a non-void function definition that is not an
autoload object, this function does nothing and returns nil."

This is not true for non-function autoloads, though. Here are the dumped
files that currently have autoloads that are picked up while
constructing auto-autoloads.el:

("mule/mule-composite" "x-win-xfree86" "x-win-sun" "newcomment"
"menubar" "cus-file")

Those autoloads should probably be removed, in general. But that's a
separate issue from whether autoloads in dumped files should be ignored,
and I personally don't think the latter is worth it.
msg2282 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2011-05-01.12:46:14
It should be possible to set the finder keyword "dumped" on files when
the dumping process is done.

The only counterargument I can think of is that if the keyword isn't in
the file, users may put ;;;###autoloads in it.

Maybe autoloads in dumped files can be silently ignored?
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