Title xemacs 21.4.22 not starting correctly--half the window is blank.
Type defect Module core code 21.4
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Created on 2011-04-05.04:54:55 by stephen, last changed 2011-04-05.04:54:55 by stephen.

msg2273 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2011-04-05.04:54:54
In Message-ID: <> on xemacs-beta, steven
Mitchell reports:

I am running Slackware64 13.1 and XEmacs 21.4.22.
XEmacs was working just fine for months.

I installed E17 as the window manager instead of KDE 4.6.0.
All Xwindows apps work fine, but not XEmacs. Sigh.

A window comes up, has my XEmacs coloring and menus, but the right side 
of the window is white, say 40% of screen width wide, and %100 high.
What is cut off is not the title bar (with minimize, maximize, and 
close), but everything below it, the menu (no help button on right)
all text area, status bar at the bottom, and right end of minibuffer
is just white.

XEmacs seems to come up in two stages, a smaller window for a blink of 
an eye, then the full size window.  This might be because of the 
set-frame-size command in my init.el to resize the window on startup:

(set-frame-size (window-frame) 140 80) ;--size window for 30" monitor.

If I execute the above command with larger or smaller values then 
control-x control-e, The window narrows or widens, but the left hand 
area that shows correctly does not change, just shows more or less of 
the white area.

Grabbing the upper left corner with the mouse, I can resize the window 
smaller or bigger and the symptom's remain the same. as the window gets 
narrower, the white area shrinks, but resizing bigger restores the white 

However, when I grab the upper right corner to resize it, as soon as
I begin to resize the window, the white goes away and "help" on menu is
back and fullwidth status bar and minibuffer are back too.  I just have
to move it a few pixels, too, and it fixes itself whether I go bigger
or smaller.

Is something not being updated on startup--that IS updated after a 
resize?  Can I workaround it by adding something to update the screen on 
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