Title ruby-mode syntax issues
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Created on 2011-02-05.12:35:08 by tejing, last changed 2011-06-30.18:17:16 by graaff.

msg2321 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2011-06-30.18:17:16
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We mirror the code distributed with ruby itself (with some minor changes
for XEmacs compatibility). It's probably better to file this bug there.
msg2253 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2011-02-05.12:35:08
ruby-mode has a number of shortcomings in terms of dealing with ruby 
syntax correctly, some of them rather serious.

1) Here-strings aren't handled at all.
2) As far as I can tell, regexp literals aren't even recognized, leading 
to a number of serious issues.
3) General delimited input forms of literals are not handled.
4) Expression substitution inside strings doesn't parse the expression 
as ruby code, instead just setting it all to one color, making it harder 
to read, which also leads to issues 5 and 6.
5) Expression substitutions which contain nested curly brackets are 
shown as ending at the first '}' encountered, rather than at the correct 
nesting level.
6) Multiline expression substitutions in a string don't work.
7) Expression substitutions are highlighted as such inside single-quoted 
strings and =begin/=end blocks, where they shouldn't be.
8) Text between =begin and =end lines still gets indented like it was 
ruby code.
9) Lines ending with a '\' don't indent the following line. (as happens 
with other situations where the newline won't be considered a statement 
10) Empty argument lists in blocks (such as "2.times do || \n stuff \n 
end") cause incorrect indentation (they are interpreted as the '||' 
operator, I expect).
11) 'BEGIN','END', and 'defined?' should be treated as keywords

1.4/syntax.html for a helpful complete description of ruby syntax.
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