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Created on 2010-08-11.11:05:55 by xlmirror, last changed 2010-08-11.11:05:55 by xlmirror.

msg2201 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2010-08-11.11:05:55
Hi there,

I already emailed this about two months ago to
since the mirror is already up that period of time but I didn't get a
response, so I'm posting it here.

We have a new mirror for you located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The url to the mirror is

If you like we could also use the url : since
that mirror seems to be offline for quite some time now.

This mirror is synced every day at 6:00 (GMT+1)

I tried to follow the link to register to the mailing list but it seems
to be a dead link, so I'm not registered at the moment.

Best regards,

Werner Reuser
XL-Data Hosting Services
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