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Created on 2010-06-22.13:18:05 by analogue, last changed 2010-06-22.13:18:05 by analogue.

msg2179 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2010-06-22.13:18:04
Dear Maintainer,

We would like to setup a mirror server hosting your project's files in 

My name is Laurent Raufaste, and I'm the maintainer of the JFG Networks 
mirroring service. We have some available space and bandwidth to share 
and we'd like to use it by mirroring Xemacs's files.

The server which will host your mirrored files has tens of gigabytes of 
available storage space and is plugged with a 50 Mbps permanent 
connection. You can test it by doing some downloads at 

If you accept our proposal, your files will be mirrored by HTTP on a 
separate hostname: <>.

Thanks for letting us help your project : we use your software on a 
daily basis at JFG Networks, and will be delighted to contribute.

Best regards,

Laurent Raufaste
JFG Networks
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