Title [Bug: 21.5-b29] Fatal error: assertion failed, file window.c, line 710, RECORD_TYPEP (obj, lrecord_type_window_mirror)
Type defect Module core code 21.5
Severity crash Platform N/A
Keywords Nosy List tmstaedt1
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Superseder   Submitted 2010-03-22.21:26:24
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Created on 2010-03-22.22:14:23 by tmstaedt1, last changed 2010-07-21.14:49:16 by stephen.

msg2129 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2010-03-22.22:14:23
  Message-ID: <1269293184.6457.1.camel@linux1>
Dear Bug Team!

Had a gdb session running inside xemacs which had started a gnome app
called evolution. Could not reproduce. here is the stack trace. Could
provide a core file as well.

GNU gdb (GDB)
Copyright (C) 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.  Type "show
and "show warranty" for details.
This GDB was configured as "i686-pc-linux-gnu".
For bug reporting instructions, please see:
Reading symbols from /usr/local/bin/xemacs...done.
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]

Loading auto-autoloads.el... (file auto-autoloads.elc is out-of-date)
Loading auto-autoloads.el...done (file auto-autoloads.elc is

Fatal error: assertion failed, file window.c, line 710, RECORD_TYPEP
(obj, lrecord_type_window_mirror)

Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.
0x0012d422 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x0012d422 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
#1  0x006444d1 in raise () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/
#2  0x00647932 in abort () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/
#3  0x080e530c in really_abort () at emacs.c:4813
#4  0x080e3f58 in assert_failed (file=0x82c0684 "window.c", line=710,
expr=0x82a04e4 "RECORD_TYPEP (obj, lrecord_type_window_mirror)") at
#5  0x08110e53 in error_check_window_mirror (obj=137427124,
file=0x82c0684 "window.c", line=710) at window.h:84
#6  0x08269bb8 in find_window_mirror (w=0x8847b08) at window.c:709
#7  0x082751cc in compute_window_usage (w=0x8847b08, stats=0xbfffdfe4,
ustats=0xbfffdfe4) at window.c:5204
#8  0x08275226 in window_memory_usage (window=142899976,
gustats=0xbfffdfe4) at window.c:5212
#9  0x0809a02d in tick_lrecord_stats (h=0x8847b08, status=ALLOC_IN_USE)
at alloc.c:3673
#10 0x0809a1de in tick_lcrecord_stats (h=0x8847b08, free_p=0) at
#11 0x0809a31c in sweep_lcrecords_1 (prev=0x8847b0c, used=0xbfffe11c) at
#12 0x0809ba73 in gc_sweep_1 () at alloc.c:4494
#13 0x0815fca3 in garbage_collect_1 () at gc.c:2026
#14 0x0809c759 in Fgarbage_collect () at alloc.c:5001
#15 0x080ee05a in Ffuncall (nargs=1, args=0xbfffe2a4) at eval.c:4074
#16 0x080a92c2 in execute_optimized_program (program=0x885805c "\r\253j
\r\306X\254e\307 \310 a\254^\311\312 \313\"T\306\314 \315\033\031\034
\033\vV\253\004\321 \210\016\033\rV\253\v\322 \016\034V\253\004\323
\330\016\032!\r%U\254\t\331\016\032\r%\"\210)G", program_length=149,
stack_depth=5, constants_data=0x83cacd8) at bytecode.c:921
#17 0x080ec986 in funcall_compiled_function (fun=138705688, nargs=0,
args=0xbfffe5f8) at eval.c:3655
#18 0x080ee43e in Ffuncall (nargs=1, args=0xbfffe5f4) at eval.c:4119
#19 0x080a92c2 in execute_optimized_program (program=0xbfffe7d0 "\306
\033Î\f\035	\032\031	\030\036\r	\036\016\034	\036\017\036\020\311\r!\253
\f\312\313\r!\314\r!\"\210\252\006\313\r! \210.\v\364\342\060\bP\204x\b
\364\342\060\b\001", program_length=52, stack_depth=5,
constants_data=0x83cf3b8) at bytecode.c:921
#20 0x080b1a26 in Fbyte_code (instructions=138521736,
constants=138212268, stack_depth=11) at bytecode.c:2748
#21 0x080ed2e5 in Feval (form=137711032) at eval.c:3820
#22 0x080e9d8d in condition_case_1 (handlers=137710912, bfun=0x80eca64
<Feval>, barg=137711032, hfun=0x80e9e7f <run_condition_case_handlers>,
harg=137325244) at eval.c:2085
#23 0x080ea27a in condition_case_3 (bodyform=137711032, var=137325244,
handlers=137710912) at eval.c:2167
#24 0x080acf5a in execute_rare_opcode (stack_ptr=0xbfffec94,
stack_beg=0xbfffec90, stack_end=0xbfffecb0, unused_program_ptr=0x8892759
\210))\f.\a\207\031", opcode=Bcondition_case) at bytecode.c:1518
#25 0x080a8b59 in execute_optimized_program (program=0x88926a4 "\306\016
\036!\307\310É\211\311\036 \030\032\031\034\035\033\310\024\312\313!\253
\021\016\v:\253\f\016\v\022\314\315 \n\"\021\252 \312\316!\253\027\016
\016:\253\022\016\016@\016\016A\317E\022\314\315 \n\"\021\252\005\320
\324\r!^\252\006\f\324\r!^\024\252\024\321\r!\253\a\325\r\315 \"\210\326
\v@!"..., program_length=232, stack_depth=8, constants_data=0x83cf55c)
at bytecode.c:806
#26 0x080ec986 in funcall_compiled_function (fun=138719944, nargs=1,
args=0xbfffeff8) at eval.c:3655
#27 0x080ee43e in Ffuncall (nargs=2, args=0xbfffeff4) at eval.c:4119
#28 0x080a92c2 in execute_optimized_program (program=0x8891f9c
"\v?\255&‰\036\017\033\307 \034\310\f\n\"\031\311\035\f\022\312\t!\025
program_length=42, stack_depth=6, constants_data=0x83cf634) at
#29 0x080ec986 in funcall_compiled_function (fun=138720040, nargs=1,
args=0xbffff348) at eval.c:3655
#30 0x080ee43e in Ffuncall (nargs=2, args=0xbffff344) at eval.c:4119
#31 0x080f0c4b in call1 (fn=137326180, arg0=137427124) at eval.c:5336
#32 0x081046b3 in execute_internal_event (event=147441604) at
#33 0x08107642 in Fdispatch_event (event=147441604) at
#34 0x080ba156 in Fcommand_loop_1 () at cmdloop.c:625
#35 0x080b9f24 in command_loop_1 (unused_dummy=137427124) at
#36 0x080e9d8d in condition_case_1 (handlers=137424748, bfun=0x80b9ef3
<command_loop_1>, barg=137427124, hfun=0x80b9b05 <cmd_error>,
harg=137427124) at eval.c:2085
#37 0x080b9c1d in command_loop_3 () at cmdloop.c:287
#38 0x080b9c3f in command_loop_2 (unused_dummy=137427124) at
#39 0x080e972b in internal_catch (tag=137196964, func=0x80b9c34
<command_loop_2>, arg=137427124, threw=0x0, thrown_tag=0x0,
backtrace_before_throw=0x0) at eval.c:1674
#40 0x080b9d54 in initial_command_loop (load_me=137427124) at
#41 0x080e2dc3 in xemacs_21_5_b29_i686_pc_linux (argc=1,
argv=0xbffff894, unused_envp=0x0, restart=0) at emacs.c:2736
#42 0x080e3601 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffff894, unused_envp=0xbffff89c)
at emacs.c:3184
(gdb) Fatal error: assertion failed, file window.c, line 710,
RECORD_TYPEP (obj, lrecord_type_window_mirror)
Undefined command: "Fatal".  Try "help".
Undefined command: "Fatal".  Try "help".
(gdb) Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.


System Info to help track down your bug:

uname -a: Linux linux1 2.6.31-20-generic #58-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 12
05:23:09 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux

./configure  '--with-ncurses'

XEmacs 21.5-b29 "garbanzo" 57f4dcb14ad5+ configured for `i686-pc-linux'.

Compilation Environment and Installation Defaults:
  Source code location:              /home/tom/src/xemacs
  Installation prefix:               /usr/local
  Not using any operating system description file
  Machine description file:          `m/intel386.h'
  Compiler version:                  gcc (Ubuntu 4.4.1-4ubuntu9) 4.4.1
    - GCC specs file:                specs.
    - Compiler command:              gcc   -Wall -Wno-switch -Wundef
-Wsign-compare -Wno-char-subscripts -Wpacked -Wshadow
-Wmissing-declarations -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes
-Wdeclaration-after-statement  -Wunused-parameter -g  
  libc version:                      GNU libc 2.10.1-0ubuntu16 (Debian)
  Relocating allocator for buffers:  no
  GNU version of malloc:             yes
    - Using Doug Lea's new malloc from the GNU C Library.

Window System:
  Compiling in support for the X window system:
    - X Windows headers location:                 
    - X Windows libraries location:               
    - Handling WM_COMMAND properly.
  Compiling in support for the Athena widget set:
    - Athena headers location:                    X11/Xaw
    - Athena library to link:                     Xaw
  Using Lucid menubars.
  Using Lucid scrollbars.
  Using Athena dialog boxes.
  Using Athena native widgets.

  Compiling in support for ncurses.

  Compiling in support for GIF images.
  Compiling in support for XPM  images.
  Compiling in support for PNG  images.
  Compiling in support for JPEG images.
  Compiling in support for TIFF images.

  Compiling in support for sound (native).
  Compiling in support for NAS (network audio system).

  Compiling in support for Berkeley database.
  Compiling in support for LDAP.
  Compiling in support for PostgreSQL.
    - Using PostgreSQL header file:  postgresql/libpq-fe.h
    - Using PostgreSQL V7 bindings.


  Compiling in support for "file" mail spool file locking method.

Other Features:
  Inhibiting IPv6 canonicalization at startup.
  Compiling in support for dynamic shared object modules.
  Using the new GC mark algorithms (KKCC).
  WARNING: ---------------------------------------------------------
  WARNING: The new algorithms are experimental. They are enabled by
  WARNING: default for this release. Use `--disable-kkcc' to
  WARNING: turn it off.
  WARNING: ---------------------------------------------------------
  Using the new portable dumper.
  Dumping into executable.
  Compiling in support for extra debugging code.
  Compiling in support for runtime error checking.
  WARNING: ---------------------------------------------------------
  WARNING: XEmacs will run noticeably more slowly as a result.
  WARNING: Error checking is on by default for XEmacs beta releases.
  WARNING: ---------------------------------------------------------

Load-Path Lisp Shadows:

Internationalization Settings:

Installed XEmacs Packages:
(xemacs-devel ver: 1.79 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(xemacs-base ver: 2.2 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(view-process ver: 1.13 upstream: 2.4)
(vc-cc ver: 1.22 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(vc ver: 1.48 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(text-modes ver: 1.98 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(texinfo ver: 1.3 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(supercite ver: 1.21 upstream: 3.55x3)
(sh-script ver: 1.24 upstream: 2.0f)
(semantic ver: 1.21 upstream: 2.0pre4)
(re-builder ver: 1.05 upstream: 1.20)
(python-modes ver: 1.14 upstream: 5.0.0)
(prog-modes ver: 2.2 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(perl-modes ver: 1.14 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(pcomplete ver: 1.06 upstream: 1.1.6)
(oo-browser ver: 1.05 upstream: 4.08)
(net-utils ver: 1.56 upstream: N/A)
(ispell ver: 1.32 upstream: 3.6)
(igrep ver: 1.16 upstream: 2.111)
(ibuffer ver: 1.1 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(general-docs ver: 1.06 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(fsf-compat ver: 1.19 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(emerge ver: 1.11 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(efs ver: 1.34 upstream: 1.24)
(edit-utils ver: 2.42 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ediff ver: 1.81 upstream: 2.75)
(dired ver: 1.2 upstream: 7.17)
(dictionary ver: 1.16 upstream: 1.8)
(debug ver: 1.18 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(cedet-common ver: 1.01 upstream: 1.0pre4)
(cc-mode ver: 1.45 upstream: 5.30.10)
(calendar ver: 1.38 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(c-support ver: 1.22 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)

Installed Modules:


(mail-abbrevs xemacsbug shadow sendmail rfc822 timer-funcs font
disp-table blink-cursor lazy-lock font-lock cus-face gnuserv edmacro
xemacs-devel-autoloads xemacs-base-autoloads view-process-autoloads
vc-cc-autoloads vc-autoloads text-modes-autoloads texinfo-autoloads
supercite-autoloads sh-script-autoloads semantic-autoloads
re-builder-autoloads python-modes-autoloads prog-modes-autoloads
perl-modes-autoloads pcomplete-autoloads oo-browser-autoloads
net-utils-autoloads ispell-autoloads igrep-autoloads ibuffer-autoloads
general-docs-autoloads fsf-compat-autoloads emerge-autoloads
efs-autoloads edit-utils-autoloads ediff-autoloads dired-autoloads
dictionary-autoloads debug-autoloads cedet-common-autoloads
cc-mode-autoloads calendar-autoloads c-support-autoloads
modules-autoloads auto-autoloads auto-show fontl-hooks code-cmds
gutter-items menubar-items x-menubar mode-motion mouse behavior itimer
auto-save lisp-mode easymenu easy-mmode iso8859-1 page buff-menu
lib-complete loadhist cus-file derived newcomment rsz-minibuf env
text-props frame obsolete cus-start custom widget cl-extra cl cl-19
packages backquote unicode lucid-scrollbars cut-buffer lucid-menubars
athena-dialogs x c-balloon-help tty-frames tty toolbar nas-sound
native-sound scrollbar unix-processes multicast network-streams
subprocesses modules menu-accelerator-support menubar berkeley-db md5
xemacs gutter tiff png gif jpeg xpm xbm lisp-float-type file-coding
linux dialog devices debug-xemacs window-system base64)

Recent keystrokes:


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