Title Possible bug with mouse buttons 8 and 9
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Superseder Possible bug with mouse buttons 8 and 9 (part2)
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msg79 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2008-01-19.04:58:03
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 > There seems to be something really wrong with the thumb buttons,
 > which are buttons 8 and 9 by default. Using this init:

I suspect there's a hard limit on the number of mouse buttons
somewhere.  This may derive from the legacy console code.

Lessee ... bingo! ... in src/keymap.c button symbols are only defined
up to button7.  You could try adding button8 and button9 (and the "up"
and "mouse" versions), and check for any initializations for those
symbols and do similarly for buttons 8 and 9.

Sorry, I don't have time for more on this right now.

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