Title How to suppress environment variable expansion by find-file?
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Aidan Kehoe writes:
 >  Ar an ceathrú lá is fiche de mí Deireadh Fómhair, scríobh 
 >  > I have a file with a leading dollar sign in its name.
 > Evaluating something like this in *scratch* should work:
 > (flet ((substitute-in-file-name (filename)
 > 	 filename))
 >   (find-file "/home/aidan/$substitute-in-file"))

Good god, who is responsible for this horror?  On second thought, I
don't wanna know.

I think that the "right" thing to do here is to get all of the
"handler" (including coding-sniffing) stuff out of functions suffixed
with -internal, and not call "high-level" functions (such as
"find-file" or "insert-file-contents") from the implementations.  Eg,
in this case, `find-file-internal' should be calling
`insert-file-contents-internal', and both should take literal file
names (ie, neither should process them with handlers,
expand-file-name, etc.)

Mike, you've worked on this stuff recently (and been bitten by a
similar bug, I guess).  Comments?

Note that prefixing a filename with "/:" is supposed to override all
the handler and substitution stuff.

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