Title [Bug: 21.5-b28] package make fails
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Created on 2008-01-19.04:58:02 by stephen, last changed 2008-01-22.00:19:42 by stephen.

msg449 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2008-01-22.00:19:42
Supersedes issue115.
msg68 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2008-01-19.04:58:02
  Message-ID: <> writes:
 >     Stephen> You are running a Mule-enabled XEmacs (and using it for the
 >     Stephen> build), right?  What is your locale (eg, LANG environment
 >     Stephen> variable)?
 > No on the Mule stuff.

Oh, in that case, that's the problem.  Back in the dark ages, there
was no reasonable alternative to a 7-bit ISO encoding for the Mule
files, but a no-Mule XEmacs will read those as syntax errors.  That's
why we need a separate mule-packages subhierarchy in the first place.

To fix: In the root of the packages, in Local.rules, set


If you want to save space, you can just delete the whole
packages/mule-packages hierarchy.  You do need that Make variable,
though, see below for AUCTeX, and there may be others that need that

 > I remember Ville having to help me get going before, but I'm not entirely
 > sure what he had me do.  If I cd into the xemacs-packages subdirectory then
 > "make clean && make" I get a different error:

 >     xemacs -no-autoloads -vanilla -batch -eval '(setq stack-trace-on-error t load-always-display-messages t load-ignore-out-of-date-elc-files t load-show-full-path-in-messages t)' -eval '(setq load-path (list (expand-file-name "mule" lisp-directory) lisp-directory))' -l /Users/skip/src/packages/package-compile.el -- xemacs-base -- -l lpath.el -f batch-byte-compile tex-jp.el

*sigh*  That shouldn't happen, let me look ... OK.  I'm hopeful that
setting BUILD_WITHOUT_MULE will fix this too.

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