Title [Bug: 21.5-b28] XEmacs keyboard mapping under Gnome (Ubuntu 8.10)
Type defect Module core code 21.5
Severity inconvenience Platform N/A
Keywords Nosy List marcus.harnisch, sammyjava
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Created on 2009-03-09.08:20:03 by marcus.harnisch, last changed 2009-10-02.17:54:11 by stephen.

msg1874 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2009-10-02.17:54:11
  Message-ID: <>
First, since I have no access to your system, Sam, and don't have a 
Fedora system myself, I can't reproduce.  If you would provide an exact 
recipe, starting with 'xemacs -vanilla' and providing the necessary 
keystrokes to verify that Something Bad has happened, I'll ask a Fedora 
user to verify and help localize the problem.

Second, although it might be an XEmacs bug, it is highly unlikely to 
have "come into XEmacs in Fedora Core 10" (unless it's a buggy Fedora 
patch, in which case you'll have to talk to them about it).  AFAIK, 
nothing has changed in XEmacs keyboard handling in a decade except for 
certain changes in handling Cyrillic keysyms.  I don't know of any code 
in XEmacs that would remap the keyboard, again AFAIK XEmacs is 
completely passive with respect to the characteristics of the keyboard 
and screens.  So any change in behavior was occasioned by a change in X 
or OS keyboard handling.  Recent versions of the X Input Method 
implementation are known to be even buggier than the historical 
versions; configuring XEmacs with the --with-xim=no flag is strongly 
recommended anyway (unless you like random uninterruptible hangs).  XIM 
is the only facility that XEmacs uses that is likely to affect keymaps, 
so it might make things better for you.  If so, please let us know.

I suspect that deadkey support is handled by XIM.  Try rebuilding XEmacs 
using --with-xim.  However, you risk inflooping in XIM deep inside Xt; 
this is uninterruptible (kill -9 is required).  AFAICT that is an Xorg 
bug in the Xt event loop (which is acknowledged to be broken, see for 
example; I don't think 
this has been fixed, just worked around).

Patches to support XKB would be welcome (which *might* fix the random 
keyboard remapping problem too, but I don't think it would help with 
deadkeys), but it will be a while before I personally can get to 
producing them.  Failing that, pointers to XKB documentation etc would 
be a big help.
msg1873 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2009-10-02.16:46:54
  Message-ID: <>
This bug also has come into XEmacs in the version distributed with
Fedora Core 10.  It did not occur in the Fedora Core 9 distro.  In my
case, XEmacs blows away my keyboard map, disabling the extended keyboard
arrow keys.  I have to reset my keyboard with system-config-keyboard
every time I start up XEmacs.  This is not an issue with any other app.
msg1078 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2009-03-09.08:20:03
  Message-ID: <>
Dear Bug Team!

The XEmacs keyboard mapping doesn't work the same way as in any other
application. The tested setups are

Model: Generic 104-key PC
Layout: USA International (AltGr dead keys)

One of the two ways to enter accented and other international
characters works fine in all applications that I regularly use,
including XEmacs: Accented and other characters such as ? can be
entered by pressing and holding the right Alt key keycode 108 (keysym
0xfe03, ISO_Level3_Shift) while entering an additional character:
[AltR-m] (?), [AltR-q] (?), [AltR-y] (?), etc.

An alternative way to enter accented and other international
characters would be through "dead keys". With the keyboard layout "USA
International (AltGr dead keys)" (with AltGr mapped to the right Alt
key), an example of entering e.g. German Umlauts would be [AltR-" a]
(?), [AltR-" o] (?), [AltR-6 u] ?. This does not work with XEmacs. It
works in all other applications that I use regularly, including some
plain X tools, such as xterm.

Note that the name AltR is merely descriptive of the right Alt
key. The keysym is "ISO_Level3_Shift", which in turn is mapped to

I'll be happy to provide more information if you just let me know what
you need.



System Info to help track down your bug:

uname -a: Linux dipsy 2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP Fri Jul 11 21:01:46 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux

./configure  '--with-pop' '--with-sound=alsa' '--enable-menubars=lucid' '--enable-scrollbars=athena' '--enable-dialogs=athena' '--enable-widgets=athena' '--with-athena=3d' '--without-gpm' '--without-ldap' '--without-postgresql' '--with-mule' '--without-xim' '--without-canna' '--with-xft=emacs,tabs,gauges,menubars' '--with-zlib' '--without-bignum' '--with-kkcc' '--with-newgc' '--without-error-checking' '--with-modules' '--with-database=berkdb' '--with-ncurses'

XEmacs 21.5-b28 "fuki" 4cb7c59b5201 configured for `x86_64-unknown-linux'.

Compilation Environment and Installation Defaults:
  Source code location:              /home/marcus/projekte/xemacs-beta
  Installation prefix:               /usr/local
  Operating system description file: `s/linux.h'
  Not using any machine description file
  Compiler version:                  gcc (GCC) 4.2.3 (Ubuntu 4.2.3-2ubuntu7)
    - GCC specs file:                specs.
    - Compiler command:              gcc   -Wall -Wno-switch -Wundef -Wsign-compare -Wno-char-subscripts -Wpacked -Wunused-parameter -g  
  libc version:                      GNU libc 2.7-10ubuntu3 (Debian)
  Relocating allocator for buffers:  no
  GNU version of malloc:             yes
    - Using Doug Lea's new malloc from the GNU C Library.

Window System:
  Compiling in support for the X window system:
    - X Windows headers location:                 
    - X Windows libraries location:               
    - Handling WM_COMMAND properly.
    - Using fontconfig to manage fonts.
    - Compiling in support for Xft antialiased fonts (EXPERIMENTAL).
  Compiling in support for the Athena widget set:
    - Athena headers location:                    X11/Xaw3d
    - Athena library to link:                     Xaw3d
  Using Lucid menubars.
    - Using Xft to render antialiased fonts in menubars.
      WARNING: This feature will be replaced with a face.
  Using Athena scrollbars.
  Using Athena dialog boxes.
  Using Athena native widgets.
    - Using Xft to render antialiased fonts in tab controls.
      WARNING: This feature will be replaced with a face.
    - Using Xft to render antialiased fonts in progress bars.
      WARNING: This feature will be replaced with a face.
      WARNING: This feature not yet implemented; setting ignored.

  Compiling in support for ncurses.

  Compiling in support for GIF  images (builtin).
  Compiling in support for XPM  images.
  Compiling in support for PNG  images.
  Compiling in support for JPEG images.
  Compiling in support for TIFF images.
  Compiling in support for X-Face message headers.

  Compiling in support for sound (native).
  Compiling in support for ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture).

  Compiling in support for Berkeley database.
  Compiling in support for GNU DBM.

  Compiling in support for Mule (multi-lingual Emacs).

  Compiling in support for POP mail retrieval.
  Compiling in support for "file" mail spool file locking method.

Other Features:
  Inhibiting IPv6 canonicalization at startup.
  Compiling in support for dynamic shared object modules.
  Using the new GC mark algorithms (KKCC).
  WARNING: ---------------------------------------------------------
  WARNING: The new algorithms are experimental. They are enabled by
  WARNING: default for this release. Use `--disable-kkcc' to
  WARNING: turn it off.
  WARNING: ---------------------------------------------------------
  Using the new incremental garbage collector and the new allocator.
  Using POSIX sigaction() to install fault handler.
  Using the new portable dumper.
  Compiling in support for extra debugging code.

Load-Path Lisp Shadows:

Internationalization Settings:


  Value of LC_ALL      : nil
  Value of LC_COLLATE  : nil
  Value of LC_CTYPE    : nil
  Value of LC_MESSAGES : nil
  Value of LC_MONETARY : nil
  Value of LC_NUMERIC  : nil
  Value of LC_TIME     : nil
  Value of LANG        : en_US.UTF-8

Lisp locale settings:

  current-language-environment      => "English (UTF-8)"
  default-buffer-file-coding-system => utf-8
  default-process-coding-system     => (undecided . utf-8)
  (current-locale)                  => "en_US.UTF-8"
  keyboard-coding-system            => utf-8
  terminal-coding-system            => utf-8
  (coding-priority-list)            =>
    (utf-8 iso-8-1 utf-16-little-endian-bom utf-16-bom utf-8-bom iso-7
    no-conversion iso-8-2 iso-8-designate iso-lock-shift shift-jis
    big5 utf-16-little-endian utf-16 ucs-4)

Coding system aliases:

  'native                              is aliased to utf-8
  'file-name                           is aliased to binary
  'mswindows-multibyte-system-default  is not a coding system alias

Installed XEmacs Packages:
(xwem ver: 1.22 upstream: lg at
(xslt-process ver: 1.12 upstream: 1.2.1)
(xslide ver: 1.09 upstream: 0.2.2)
(xlib ver: 1.14 upstream: lg at
(xemacs-devel ver: 1.78 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(xemacs-base ver: 2.18 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(w3 ver: 1.35 upstream: 4.0pre47)
(vhdl ver: 1.22 upstream: 3.33.12)
(vc ver: 1.45 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(tramp ver: 1.4 upstream: 2.0.56)
(time ver: 1.14 upstream: 1.17)
(text-modes ver: 1.95 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(texinfo ver: 1.3 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(supercite ver: 1.21 upstream: 3.55x3)
(strokes ver: 1.1 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(sounds-wav ver: 1.12 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(sounds-au ver: 1.12 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(slider ver: 1.15 upstream: 0.3x1)
(sh-script ver: 1.24 upstream: 2.0f)
(sasl ver: 1.16 upstream: 1.14.4)
(reftex ver: 1.34 upstream: 4.21)
(re-builder ver: 1.05 upstream: 1.20)
(python-modes ver: 1.1 upstream: 426)
(psgml ver: 1.45 upstream: 1.3.2)
(ps-print ver: 1.12 upstream: 6.5.6)
(pgg ver: 1.06 upstream: 0.1)
(perl-modes ver: 1.14 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(pcomplete ver: 1.05 upstream: 1.1.6)
(pcl-cvs ver: 1.68 upstream: R-2_9_9)
(pc ver: 1.28 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(net-utils ver: 1.56 upstream: N/A)
(misc-games ver: 1.2 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(mine ver: 1.16 upstream: 1.9)
(mailcrypt ver: 2.14 upstream: 3.5.8)
(mail-lib ver: 1.8 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ilisp ver: 1.34 upstream: 5.12.0)
(igrep ver: 1.16 upstream: 2.111)
(idlwave ver: 1.32 upstream: 5.1)
(ibuffer ver: 1.09 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(hm--html-menus ver: 1.24 upstream: 5.9)
(gnus ver: 1.93 upstream: 5.10.8)
(gnats ver: 1.17 upstream: 3.101)
(general-docs ver: 1.05 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(games ver: 1.18 upstream: 1.04)
(fsf-compat ver: 1.17 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(footnote ver: 1.16 upstream: 0.18x)
(eudc ver: 1.4 upstream: 1.32)
(eterm ver: 1.17 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(eshell ver: 1.16 upstream: 0fc80a3f6bb3bb59f42e9ff83cc8b89bf90fe658)
(elib ver: 1.13 upstream: 1.0)
(efs ver: 1.34 upstream: 1.24)
(edit-utils ver: 2.4 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ediff ver: 1.75 upstream: 2.75)
(edebug ver: 1.22 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ecrypto ver: 0.21 upstream: 2.0)
(ecb ver: 1.22 upstream: 2.31)
(docbookide ver: 0.08 upstream: 0.1)
(dired ver: 1.19 upstream: 7.16)
(debug ver: 1.18 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(cookie ver: 1.15 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(cc-mode ver: 1.45 upstream: 5.30.10)
(calendar ver: 1.38 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(calc ver: 1.26 upstream: 2.02fX3)
(c-support ver: 1.22 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(bbdb ver: 1.32 upstream: 2.35)
(auctex ver: 1.5 upstream: 11.84)
(apel ver: 1.33 upstream: 10.6)
(mule-base ver: 1.53 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(leim ver: 1.27 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(latin-euro-standards ver: 1.08 upstream: 1.08)

Installed Modules:


(xemacsbug shadow gnus-kill semantic-tag-write pp annotations rect
gnus-cite flow-fill gnus-async gnus-bcklg sort gnus-ml disp-table
gnus-topic parse-time nnfolder utf7 nnimap imap nndraft nnmh bbdb-gnus
bbdb-snarf mail-extr bbdb-com encrypt gnus-agent gnus-srvr gnus-score
score-mode nnvirtual gnus-msg gnus-art mm-uu mml2015 pgg pgg-parse
pgg-def mm-view gnus-sum gnus-group gnus-undo nntp nnoo nnmail
mail-source gnus-cache gnus-start gnus-spec gnus-int gnus-range
message mml mml-sec mml-smime smime dig mm-decode mm-bodies mm-encode
mailcap lpr mail-parse rfc2045 rfc2231 rfc2047 qp ietf-drums
mail-abbrevs sendmail mailheader canlock sha1 hex-util gnus-win gnus
gnus-ems gnus-xmas messagexmas nnheader nnheaderxm gnus-util netrc
time-date mail-utils mm-util mail-prsvr sh-script tramp-smb tramp
executable shell password format-spec trampver hyper-apropos
semantic-tag-file semanticdb-file semantic-edit semantic-el
semantic-bovine bovine-debug semantic-debug cal-china lunar solar
cal-dst cal-persia cal-islam cal-julian cal-hebrew holidays ede-simple
cedet-files ede-linux ede-emacs diary-lib timer-funcs lazy-lock
mmm-mode mmm-univ mmm-class mmm-region mmm-utils font-lock blink-paren
pending-del ede-cpp-root senator semantic-imenu semantic-sb imenu
semantic-mru-bookmark semanticdb-mode semantic-idle
semantic-decorate-include semanticdb-find semanticdb-ref
semantic-decorate-mode semantic-decorate pulse cedet
cedet-contrib-load contrib-autoloads cogre-load cogre-autoloads
speedbar-load speedbar-autoloads ede-load ede-autoloads ede-speedbar
ede-files ede efs-cu eieio-speedbar semantic-ia-sb semantic-analyze
semantic-scope semantic-analyze-fcn semantic-sort semanticdb-el
semanticdb-search semantic-find semanticdb semantic-ctxt
semantic-format semantic-util-modes semantic-util semantic
semantic-lex semantic-tag working fame speedbar sb-image ezimage
dframe assoc eieio-custom wid-edit ede-source eieio-base srecode-load
srecode srecode-autoloads semantic-load semantic-fw semantic-autoloads
mode-local find-func eieio-load eieio-autoloads cedet-load
cedet-compat common-autoloads eieio byte-optimize bytecomp
byte-compile inversion appt calendar cal-xemacs cal-compat paren
mic-paren timer mmm-auto mmm-vars mmm-compat overlay align mailcrypt
rfc822 comint ring bbdb regexp-opt timezone strokes cus-face
atomic-extents advice advice-preload uniquify mwheel gnuserv
xwem-autoloads xslt-process-autoloads xslide-autoloads xlib-autoloads
xemacs-devel-autoloads xemacs-base-autoloads w3-autoloads
vhdl-autoloads vc-autoloads tramp-autoloads time-autoloads
text-modes-autoloads texinfo-autoloads supercite-autoloads
strokes-autoloads sounds-wav-autoloads sounds-au-autoloads
slider-autoloads sh-script-autoloads sasl-autoloads reftex-autoloads
re-builder-autoloads python-modes-autoloads psgml-autoloads
ps-print-autoloads prog-modes-autoloads pgg-autoloads
perl-modes-autoloads pcomplete-autoloads pcl-cvs-autoloads
pc-autoloads net-utils-autoloads misc-games-autoloads mine-autoloads
mailcrypt-autoloads mail-lib-autoloads ilisp-autoloads igrep-autoloads
idlwave-autoloads ibuffer-autoloads hm--html-menus-autoloads
gnus-autoloads gnats-autoloads general-docs-autoloads games-autoloads
fsf-compat-autoloads footnote-autoloads eudc-autoloads eterm-autoloads
eshell-autoloads elib-autoloads efs-autoloads edit-utils-autoloads
ediff-autoloads edebug-autoloads ecrypto-autoloads ecb-autoloads
docbookide-autoloads dired-autoloads debug-autoloads cookie-autoloads
cc-mode-autoloads calendar-autoloads calc-autoloads
c-support-autoloads bbdb-autoloads tex-site auctex-autoloads
apel-autoloads mule-base-autoloads leim-autoloads
latin-euro-standards-autoloads w3m-autoloads w3m-load
modules-autoloads mule-autoloads auto-autoloads auto-show fontl-hooks
canna-leim tibetan slovenian czech romanian lao devanagari indian
cyrillic code-cmds gutter-items menubar-items x-menubar mode-motion
mouse behavior itimer auto-save lisp-mode easymenu easy-mmode
iso8859-1 page buff-menu lib-complete loadhist cus-file derived
newcomment rsz-minibuf env text-props fontconfig frame obsolete
cus-start custom widget cl-extra cl cl-19 packages backquote unicode
font-mgr athena-scrollbars cut-buffer xft-fonts lucid-menubars
athena-dialogs x c-balloon-help tty-frames tty toolbar native-sound
alsa-sound scrollbar unix-processes multicast network-streams
subprocesses modules menu-accelerator-support menubar berkeley-db dbm
md5 xemacs mule gutter tiff png gif jpeg xface xpm xbm lisp-float-type
file-coding linux dialog devices window-system base64)

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