Title [Bug: 21.4.18] key binding do work but function not executed
Type defect Module core code 21.4
Severity inconvenience Platform N/A
Keywords Nosy List acs, olsson_lund, stephen
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Created on 2009-03-07.08:45:03 by olsson_lund, last changed 2009-03-07.08:50:36 by stephen.

msg1076 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2009-03-07.08:50:36
  Message-ID: <>
Works as expected on XEmacs 21.5.  Waiting for Vin to decide 
whether to fix in 21.4.
msg1075 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2009-03-07.08:45:03
  Message-ID: <>
Dear Bug Team!

I am a bit new to xemacs (uses emacs normally). Have had some 
problems with global-set-key stuff. Mostly have been resolved
but this one still exists and is very painful since the key 
binding is struck in my head after many years...:

(global-set-key "\C-c\C-h" 'goto-line)

When testing if the key have been  defined with ctrl+h+k
it says 'goto-line' which is as it should be.

Trying to use ctrl+c+g end abrubtly with 'Quit'.
I guess this is due to the fact that the ctrl+g is 'quit/stop
function' (which is also is in emacs).

The error is that ctrl+g should not stop/quit the 'goto line'
function before it has written 'goto line:' in the status line.

Every test to map something else with an ending 'g' fails in the same

(global-set-key [\C-t\C-g] 'replace-regexp)

At least to me this seems to be a bug (at least if trying to 
be compatible/similiar to emacs). 

/Best regards Niclas Olsson, Sweden


System Info to help track down your bug:

uname -a: Linux seldc099 2.6.9-42.0.8.ELsmp #1 SMP Tue Jan 23 13:01:26 EST 2007 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

../../xemacs-21.4.18/configure  '--prefix=/usr/local/util/xemacs/21.4.18.rhel4' '--without-postgresql' '--without-gpm'

XEmacs 21.4.18 "Social Property" configured for `i686-pc-linux'.

Compilation / Installation:
  Source code location:              /usr/local/util/src/xemacs/xemacs-21.4.18
  Installation prefix:               /usr/local/util/xemacs/21.4.18.rhel4
  Operating system description file: `s/linux.h'
  Machine description file:          `m/intel386.h'
  Compiler:                          gcc -g -O3 -Wall -Wno-switch -Winline -Wmissing-prototypes -Wsign-compare -fno-strict-aliasing -Wshadow
  Compiler version:                  gcc (GCC) 3.3.2
  Compiler specs file:               /usr/local/util/gcc/3.3.2/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.3.2/specs
  Relocating allocator for buffers:  no
  GNU version of malloc:             yes
    - Using Doug Lea's new malloc from the GNU C Library.
  libc:                              glibc-2.3.4-2.25

Window System:
  Compiling in support for the X window system:
    - X Windows headers location:                 /usr/X11R6/include
    - X Windows libraries location:               /usr/X11R6/lib
    - Handling WM_COMMAND properly.
  Compiling in support for the Athena widget set:
    - Athena headers location:                    X11/Xaw
    - Athena library to link:                     Xaw
  Using Lucid menubars.
  Using Lucid scrollbars.
  Using Athena dialog boxes.

  Compiling in support for ncurses.

  Compiling in support for GIF  images (builtin).
  Compiling in support for XPM  images.
  WARNING: -----------------------------------------------------------
  WARNING: Compiling without PNG image support.
  WARNING: You should strongly consider installing the PNG libraries.
  WARNING: Otherwise certain images and glyphs may not display.
  WARNING: (a copy may be found in
  WARNING: -----------------------------------------------------------

  Compiling in support for sound (native).

  Compiling in support for Berkeley database.
  Compiling in support for LDAP.


  Compiling in support for "dot-locking" mail spool file locking method.

Other Features:
  Inhibiting IPv6 canonicalization at startup.
  Compiling in support for dynamic shared object modules.
  Using the new portable dumper.

Load-Path Lisp Shadows:

Installed XEmacs Packages:
(zenirc ver: 1.16 upstream: 2.112)
(xwem ver: 1.22 upstream: lg at
(xslt-process ver: 1.12 upstream: 1.2.1)
(xslide ver: 1.09 upstream: 0.2.2)
(xlib ver: 1.14 upstream: lg at
(xetla ver: 1.01 upstream: steve at
(xemacs-devel ver: 1.75 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(xemacs-base ver: 2.08 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(x-symbol ver: 1.1 upstream: 4.5.1)
(w3 ver: 1.33 upstream: 4.0pre47)
(vm ver: 7.22 upstream: 7.17)
(viper ver: 1.53 upstream: 3.09)
(view-process ver: 1.13 upstream: 2.4)
(vhdl ver: 1.22 upstream: 3.33.12)
(vc-cc ver: 1.22 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(vc ver: 1.41 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(tramp ver: 1.34 upstream: 2.0.54)
(tpu ver: 1.14 upstream: 4.2X)
(tooltalk ver: 1.15 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(tm ver: 1.38 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(time ver: 1.14 upstream: 1.17)
(textools ver: 1.15 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(text-modes ver: 1.92 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(texinfo ver: 1.3 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(supercite ver: 1.21 upstream: 3.55x3)
(strokes ver: 1.1 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(speedbar ver: 1.28 upstream: 0.14beta4)
(sounds-wav ver: 1.12 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(sounds-au ver: 1.12 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(sml-mode ver: 0.12 upstream: 3.9.5)
(slider ver: 1.15 upstream: 0.3x1)
(sieve ver: 1.18 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(sh-script ver: 1.21 upstream: 2.0f)
(sgml ver: 1.11 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(semantic ver: 1.2 upstream: 1.4.4)
(scheme ver: 1.14 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(sasl ver: 1.16 upstream: 1.14.4)
(ruby-modes ver: 1.02 upstream: 1.6.8)
(rmail ver: 1.14 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(riece ver: 1.22 upstream: 2.0.2)
(reftex ver: 1.34 upstream: 4.21)
(re-builder ver: 1.05 upstream: 1.20)
(python-modes ver: 1.08 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(psgml-dtds ver: 1.03 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(psgml ver: 1.44 upstream: 1.3.1)
(ps-print ver: 1.11 upstream: 6.5.6)
(prog-modes ver: 2.09 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(pgg ver: 1.06 upstream: 0.1)
(perl-modes ver: 1.09 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(pcomplete ver: 1.04 upstream: 1.1.6)
(pcl-cvs ver: 1.67 upstream: R-2_9_9)
(pc ver: 1.28 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(os-utils ver: 1.39 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(oo-browser ver: 1.04 upstream: 4.08)
(ocaml ver: 0.06 upstream: 3.06)
(net-utils ver: 1.49 upstream: N/A)
(mmm-mode ver: 1.02 upstream: 0.4.7)
(misc-games ver: 1.18 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(mine ver: 1.16 upstream: 1.9)
(mh-e ver: 1.29 upstream: 7.4.2)
(mew ver: 1.19 upstream: 1.94.2)
(mailcrypt ver: 2.14 upstream: 3.5.8)
(mail-lib ver: 1.78 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(jde ver: 1.51 upstream: 2.3.3)
(ispell ver: 1.32 upstream: 3.6)
(ilisp ver: 1.34 upstream: 5.12.0)
(igrep ver: 1.14 upstream: 2.111)
(idlwave ver: 1.32 upstream: 5.1)
(ibuffer ver: 1.09 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(hyperbole ver: 1.16 upstream: 4.18)
(hm--html-menus ver: 1.23 upstream: 5.9)
(haskell-mode ver: 1.1 upstream: 2.1)
(gnus ver: 1.9 upstream: 5.10.7)
(gnats ver: 1.17 upstream: 3.101)
(general-docs ver: 1.04 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(games ver: 1.17 upstream: 1.04)
(fsf-compat ver: 1.15 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(frame-icon ver: 1.11 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(fortran-modes ver: 1.05 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(forms ver: 1.15 upstream: 2.37)
(footnote ver: 1.16 upstream: 0.18x)
(eudc ver: 1.39 upstream: 1.32)
(eterm ver: 1.17 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(eshell ver: 1.1 upstream: 2.4.1)
(escreen ver: 1.01 upstream: 1.16)
(erc ver: 0.21 upstream: Version 5.1.2 Revision: 1.796.2.6)
(emerge ver: 1.11 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(elib ver: 1.11 upstream: 1.0)
(eieio ver: 1.05 upstream: 0.17)
(efs ver: 1.33 upstream: 1.23)
(edt ver: 1.13 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(edit-utils ver: 2.36 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ediff ver: 1.66 upstream: 2.75)
(edebug ver: 1.22 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ecrypto ver: 0.2 upstream: 2.0)
(ecb ver: 1.22 upstream: 2.31)
(docbookide ver: 0.07000000000000001 upstream: 0.1)
(dired ver: 1.17 upstream: 7.13)
(dictionary ver: 1.16 upstream: 1.8)
(debug ver: 1.18 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(crisp ver: 1.15 upstream: 1.34)
(cookie ver: 1.15 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(clearcase ver: 1.1 upstream: /main/laptop/165)
(cc-mode ver: 1.45 upstream: 5.30.10)
(calendar ver: 1.3 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(calc ver: 1.26 upstream: 2.02fX3)
(c-support ver: 1.22 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(build ver: 1.14 upstream: 2.02)
(bbdb ver: 1.29 upstream: 2.34)
(auctex ver: 1.46 upstream: 11.55)
(apel ver: 1.32 upstream: 10.6)
(ada ver: 1.14 upstream: 2.27)
(Sun ver: 1.16 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)

Installed Modules:


(mail-abbrevs xemacsbug shadow sendmail rfc822 wid-edit font
disp-table font-lock paren blink-paren pending-del ps-print lpr
xcscope clearcase advice advice-preload tq reporter executable
dired-faces dired-xemacs dired comint cus-face ring mwheel
zenirc-autoloads xwem-autoloads xslt-process-autoloads
xslide-autoloads xlib-autoloads xetla-autoloads xemacs-devel-autoloads
xemacs-base-autoloads x-symbol-autoloads w3-autoloads vm-autoloads
viper-autoloads view-process-autoloads vhdl-autoloads vc-cc-autoloads
vc-autoloads tramp-autoloads tpu-autoloads tooltalk-autoloads
tm-autoloads time-autoloads textools-autoloads text-modes-autoloads
texinfo-autoloads supercite-autoloads strokes-autoloads
speedbar-autoloads sounds-wav-autoloads sounds-au-autoloads
sml-mode-autoloads slider-autoloads sieve-autoloads
sh-script-autoloads sgml-autoloads semantic-autoloads scheme-autoloads
sasl-autoloads ruby-modes-autoloads rmail-autoloads riece-autoloads
reftex-autoloads re-builder-autoloads python-modes-autoloads
psgml-dtds-autoloads psgml-autoloads ps-print-autoloads
prog-modes-autoloads pgg-autoloads perl-modes-autoloads
pcomplete-autoloads pcl-cvs-autoloads pc-autoloads os-utils-autoloads
oo-browser-autoloads ocaml-autoloads net-utils-autoloads
mmm-mode-autoloads misc-games-autoloads mine-autoloads mh-e-autoloads
mew-autoloads mailcrypt-autoloads mail-lib-autoloads jde-autoloads
ispell-autoloads ilisp-autoloads igrep-autoloads idlwave-autoloads
ibuffer-autoloads hyperbole-autoloads hm--html-menus-autoloads
haskell-mode-autoloads gnus-autoloads gnats-autoloads
general-docs-autoloads games-autoloads fsf-compat-autoloads
frame-icon-autoloads fortran-modes-autoloads forms-autoloads
footnote-autoloads eudc-autoloads eterm-autoloads eshell-autoloads
escreen-autoloads erc-autoloads emerge-autoloads elib-autoloads
eieio-autoloads efs-autoloads edt-autoloads edit-utils-autoloads
ediff-autoloads edebug-autoloads ecrypto-autoloads ecb-autoloads
docbookide-autoloads dired-autoloads dictionary-autoloads
debug-autoloads crisp-autoloads cookie-autoloads clearcase-autoloads
cc-mode-autoloads calendar-autoloads calc-autoloads
c-support-autoloads build-autoloads bbdb-autoloads auctex-autoloads
apel-autoloads ada-autoloads Sun-autoloads lisp-autoloads loadhist
auto-show fontl-hooks x-iso8859-1 gutter-items menubar-items x-menubar
mode-motion mouse itimer auto-save lisp-mode easymenu iso8859-1 page
buff-menu lib-complete help-nomule cus-file derived frame text-props
obsolete cus-start custom widget cl-extra mini-cl cl cl-19 packages
backquote very-early-lisp lucid-scrollbars cut-buffer lucid-menubars
athena-dialogs x c-balloon-help tty-frames tty toolbar native-sound
scrollbar unix-processes multicast network-streams subprocesses
modules menu-accelerator-support menubar berkeley-db md5 xemacs gutter
gif xpm xbm lisp-float-type linux dialog devices window-system base64)

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