Title Fatal I/O Error 11 (includes fix)
Type defect Module core code 21.4
Severity crash Platform x86, unix
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Created on 2008-12-06.11:47:38 by anonymous, last changed 2009-09-25.02:25:57 by stephen.

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msg894 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2008-12-06.12:19:51
This may be a duplicate of Issue437.  I've seen this problem
when invoking ediff (which uses call-process).

msg893 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2008-12-06.11:47:38
I've started using a minor mode which ends up invoking
call-process a lot and at about the same time I started seeing
xemacs (21.4.21) crash with errors like the following: 
    xemacs: Fatal I/O Error 11 (Resource temporarily
unavailable) on display connection ":0.0" 
      after 2531260 requests (2531257 known processed) with 0
events remaining. 
      Autosaving and exiting... 
    Program exited with code 0106. 

These errors are intermittent and difficult to trigger reliably.

After staring at this for a while time, I happened to notice
that begin_dont_check_for_quit is called in the child process
after forking in unix_create_process, but not in the
corresponding part of Fold_call_process_internal.  A bit of
poking around with the debugger shows that check_quit can also
be called from this context: 
#0  check_quit () at
#1  0x000000000048a261 in unbind_to_hairy (count=19) 
    at /scratch/phelps/devel/xemacs-21.4.21/src/eval.c:4973 
#2  0x000000000048a1fb in unbind_to (count=19,
    at /scratch/phelps/devel/xemacs-21.4.21/src/eval.c:4959 
#3  0x0000000000450cf9 in dfc_convert_to_external_format ( 
    source_type=DFC_TYPE_LISP_STRING, source=0x7fff9f9195c0,  
    coding_system=140387800737424, sink_type=DFC_TYPE_DATA,  
    at /scratch/phelps/devel/xemacs-21.4.21/src/buffer.c:1970 
#4  0x000000000045d2c3 in child_setup (in=6, out=8, err=8,  
    at /scratch/phelps/devel/xemacs-21.4.21/src/callproc.c:725 
#5  0x000000000045cc10 in Fold_call_process_internal (nargs=5, 
    at /scratch/phelps/devel/xemacs-21.4.21/src/callproc.c:424
[stack frames #6-#52 elided] 
Since check_quit can muck around with the Xlib socket, we
clearly don't want it to be called from this context without
first setting dont_check_for_quit to a non-zero value.

I've copied the call to begin_dont_check_for_quit from
unix_create_process into Fold_call_process_internal and
haven't seen the problem in the last 5 days, so I reckon it's
working.  I've attached this trivial patch in the hopes that
you find it useful.

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