Title [Bug: 21.5-b28] Crash?
Type defect Module core code 21.5
Severity crash Platform x86, unix, xt
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  Submitted 2007-11-30.17:12:56
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Created on 2008-01-19.06:43:04 by rolfe, last changed 2008-01-22.00:04:53 by stephen.

msg241 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2008-01-19.06:43:04
  Message-ID: <>
Dear Bug Team!

I'm pretty sure I was just opening a new file using C-x C-f.  I had
the buffer open for less than a minute before the crash.  SUSE 10.3
was recently installed on our computers, and I switched from emacs to
xemacs since after the upgrade I can't open emacs in a separate window
for reasons that remain somewhat mysterious.  xemacs has crashed a few
times in the past few days, but this is the first bug I've reported.  

There's no core file in either the directory from which I started
xemacs or in my home directory.  

Lisp backtrace follows:

  # (unwind-protect ...)
  # (unwind-protect ...)
  # (unwind-protect ...)
  # (unwind-protect ...)
  # (unwind-protect ...)
  # (unwind-protect ...)
  # (unwind-protect ...)
  # (unwind-protect ...)
  # bind (upper other window old-frame target-frame explicit-frame shrink-it)
  byte-code("..." [explicit-frame tem car target-frame buffer window nil last-nonminibuf-frame selected-frame get-buffer bufferp wrong-type-argument throw done buffer-dedicated-frame frame-live-p window-buffer selected-window display-buffer-1 buffer-name assoc switch-to-buffer string-match 0 get-buffer-window frame-selected-window set-window-buffer frame-property minibuffer only window-dedicated-p frame-root-window unsplittable get-largest-window visible t window-frame window-height window-width window-leftmost-p window-rightmost-p split-window get-lru-window window-parent window-previous-child window-next-child window-pixel-edges window-pixel-height enlarge-window 2 ...] 8)
  # (catch done ...)
  # bind (shrink-to-fit override-frame not-this-window-p buffer)
  display-buffer(#<buffer "*Completions*"> nil nil nil)
  # bind (pre-display-buffer-function buffer)
  show-temp-buffer-in-current-frame(#<buffer "*Completions*">)
  # bind (standard-output completions)
  # bind (last status completion buffer-string)
  # bind (window)
  #<compiled-function nil "...(93)" [obuf this-command last-command minibuffer-scroll-window status window nil windowp window-buffer buffer-name ((set-buffer obuf)) pos-visible-in-window-p set-window-start scroll-other-window minibuffer-do-completion buffer-string none unique temp-minibuffer-message " [Sole completion]" exact " [Complete, but not unique]" t] 4 1136452 nil>()
  # (condition-case ... . error)
  # (unwind-protect ...)
  read-minibuffer-internal("Find file: ")
  byte-code("..." [standard-output standard-input prompt recursion-depth minibuffer-depth t read-minibuffer-internal] 2)
  # (catch exit ...)
  # bind (mouse-grabbed-buffer current-prefix-arg minibuffer-history-variable minibuffer-history-position minibuffer-scroll-window)
  # (unwind-protect ...)
  # bind (minibuffer-default _history_ oconfig mconfig frame buffer window oframe owindow dir default abbrev-table history readp keymap initial-contents prompt)
  read-from-minibuffer("Find file: " "/projects/cook/rolfe/UCI_digits/" #<keymap read-file-name-map size 2 0x33ea1> nil file-name-history nil "/projects/cook/rolfe/UCI_digits/exactdigits2.tra")
  # bind (minibuffer-completion-table minibuffer-completion-predicate minibuffer-completion-confirm last-exact-completion insert completer initial-contents must-match default dir prompt history)
  read-file-name-2(file-name-history "Find file: " nil "/projects/cook/rolfe/UCI_digits/exactdigits2.tra" nil nil read-file-name-internal)
  # bind (completer initial-contents must-match default dir prompt history type)
  read-file-name-1(file file-name-history "Find file: " nil "/projects/cook/rolfe/UCI_digits/exactdigits2.tra" nil nil read-file-name-internal)
  # bind (history initial-contents must-match default dir prompt)
  read-file-name("Find file: ")
  (list (read-file-name "Find file: ") (and current-prefix-arg (read-coding-system "Coding system: ")) t)
  # (condition-case ... . error)
  # (catch top-level ...)


System Info to help track down your bug:

uname -a: Linux lrupp1 2.6.22 #1 SMP Fri Jun 22 12:17:53 UTC 2007 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

./configure  'x86_64-suse-linux' '--with-gcc' '--with-dynamic' '--with-debug' '--enable-error-checking=none' '--with-cflags=-O2 -fmessage-length=0 -Wall -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fstack-protector -g -Wall -Wno-switch -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing -DLDAP_DEPRECATED ' '--with-ldflags=' '--prefix=/usr' '--exec-prefix=/usr' '--bindir=/usr/bin' '--datadir=/usr/share' '--with-archlibdir=/usr/lib/xemacs/' '--with-docdir=/usr/lib/xemacs/' '--with-lispdir=/usr/share/xemacs/' '--with-etcdir=/usr/share/xemacs/' '--with-statedir=/var/lib/xemacs' '--with-moduledir=/usr/lib/xemacs/' '--infodir=/usr/share/xemacs/info' '--mandir=/usr/share/man/man1' '--enable-database=gdbm,berkdb' '--with-ncurses' '--with-canna' '--with-tty=yes' '--with-site-lisp' '--with-mc-alloc' '--with-kkcc' '--with-newgc' '--enable-sound=native' '--with-gpm' '--enable-pdump' '--d
 isable-dump-in-exec' '--with-xpm' '--with-gif' '--with-tiff' '--with-jpeg' '--with-png' '--with-x' '--with-athena=3d' '--enable--menubars=lucid' '--enable-scrollbars=lucid' '--enable-dialogs=athena' '--enable-widgets=athena' '--x-includes=/usr/include' '--x-libraries=/usr/lib64' '--enable-mule' '--with-xim=xlib' '--with-xfs' '--enable-clash-detection' '--with-ldap' '--with-pop' 'build_alias=x86_64-suse-linux' 'host_alias=x86_64-suse-linux' 'target_alias=x86_64-suse-linux' 'CFLAGS=-O2 -fmessage-length=0 -Wall -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fstack-protector -g -Wall -Wno-switch -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing -DLDAP_DEPRECATED ' 'LDFLAGS='

XEmacs 21.5-b28 "fuki" (+CVS-20070806) configured for `x86_64-suse-linux'.

Compilation Environment and Installation Defaults:
  Source code location:              /usr/src/packages/BUILD/xemacs-
  Installation prefix:               /usr
  Operating system description file: `s/linux.h'
  Not using any machine description file
  Compiler version:                  gcc (GCC) 4.2.1 (SUSE Linux)
    - GCC specs file:                specs.
    - Compiler command:              gcc  -Wall -Wno-switch -Wundef -Wsign-compare -Wno-char-subscripts -Wpacked -Wunused-parameter -g  -O2 -fmessage-length=0 -Wall -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fstack-protector -g -Wall -Wno-switch -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing -DLDAP_DEPRECATED 
  libc version:                      
  Relocating allocator for buffers:  no
  GNU version of malloc:             yes
    - Using Doug Lea's new malloc from the GNU C Library.

Window System:
  Compiling in support for the X window system:
    - X Windows headers location:                 /usr/include
    - X Windows libraries location:               /usr/lib64
    - Handling WM_COMMAND properly.
  Compiling in support for the Athena widget set:
    - Athena headers location:                    X11/Xaw3d
    - Athena library to link:                     Xaw3d
  Using Lucid menubars.
  Using Lucid scrollbars.
  Using Athena dialog boxes.
  Using Athena native widgets.

  Compiling in support for ncurses.
  Compiling in support for GPM (General Purpose Mouse).

  Compiling in support for GIF  images (builtin).
  Compiling in support for XPM  images.
  Compiling in support for PNG  images.
  Compiling in support for JPEG images.
  Compiling in support for TIFF images.
  Compiling in support for X-Face message headers.

  Compiling in support for sound (native).

  Compiling in support for Berkeley database.
  Compiling in support for GNU DBM.
  Compiling in support for LDAP.

  Compiling in support for Mule (multi-lingual Emacs).
  Compiling in support for XIM (X11R5+ I18N input method).
    - Using raw Xlib to provide XIM support.
    - Using XFontSet to provide bilingual menubar.
  Compiling in support for Canna on Mule.
  Compiling in support for the WNN input method on Mule.

  Compiling in support for POP mail retrieval.
  Compiling in support for "file" mail spool file locking method.

Other Features:
  Inhibiting IPv6 canonicalization at startup.
  Compiling in support for dynamic shared object modules.
  Using the new GC mark algorithms (KKCC).
  WARNING: ---------------------------------------------------------
  WARNING: The new algorithms are experimental. They are enabled by
  WARNING: default for this release. Use `--disable-kkcc' to
  WARNING: turn it off.
  WARNING: ---------------------------------------------------------
  Using the new incremental garbage collector and the new allocator.
  Using POSIX sigaction() to install fault handler.
  Using the new portable dumper.
  Compiling in support for extra debugging code.

Load-Path Lisp Shadows:
/usr/share/xemacs/ ~/.xemacs/custom

Installed XEmacs Packages:
(zenirc ver: 1.16 upstream: 2.112)
(xwem ver: 1.22 upstream:
(xslt-process ver: 1.12 upstream: 1.2.1)
(xslide ver: 1.09 upstream: 0.2.2)
(xlib ver: 1.14 upstream:
(xetla ver: 1.01 upstream:
(xemacs-devel ver: 1.75 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(xemacs-base ver: 2.1 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(x-symbol ver: 1.1 upstream: 4.5.1)
(w3 ver: 1.33 upstream: 4.0pre47)
(vm ver: 7.22 upstream: 7.17)
(viper ver: 1.55 upstream: 3.09)
(view-process ver: 1.13 upstream: 2.4)
(vhdl ver: 1.22 upstream: 3.33.12)
(vc ver: 1.41 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(tramp ver: 1.37 upstream: 2.0.55)
(tpu ver: 1.14 upstream: 4.2X)
(tm ver: 1.38 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(time ver: 1.14 upstream: 1.17)
(textools ver: 1.15 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(text-modes ver: 1.92 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(texinfo ver: 1.3 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(supercite ver: 1.21 upstream: 3.55x3)
(strokes ver: 1.1 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(speedbar ver: 1.28 upstream: 0.14beta4)
(slider ver: 1.15 upstream: 0.3x1)
(sieve ver: 1.18 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(sh-script ver: 1.22 upstream: 2.0f)
(sgml ver: 1.11 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(semantic ver: 1.2 upstream: 1.4.4)
(scheme ver: 1.15 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ruby-modes ver: 1.02 upstream: 1.6.8)
(rmail ver: 1.14 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(riece ver: 1.23 upstream: 3.1.2)
(reftex ver: 1.34 upstream: 4.21)
(re-builder ver: 1.05 upstream: 1.20)
(python-modes ver: 1.08 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(psgml ver: 1.44 upstream: 1.3.1)
(ps-print ver: 1.11 upstream: 6.5.6)
(prog-modes ver: 2.1 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(pgg ver: 1.06 upstream: 0.1)
(perl-modes ver: 1.09 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(pcomplete ver: 1.04 upstream: 1.1.6)
(pcl-cvs ver: 1.67 upstream: R-2_9_9)
(pc ver: 1.28 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(os-utils ver: 1.39 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ocaml ver: 0.06 upstream: 3.06)
(misc-games ver: 1.19 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(mine ver: 1.16 upstream: 1.9)
(mh-e ver: 1.29 upstream: 7.4.2)
(mew ver: 1.19 upstream: 1.94.2)
(mailcrypt ver: 2.14 upstream: 3.5.8)
(mail-lib ver: 1.79 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(jde ver: 1.51 upstream: 2.3.3)
(ispell ver: 1.32 upstream: 3.6)
(ilisp ver: 1.34 upstream: 5.12.0)
(igrep ver: 1.14 upstream: 2.111)
(idlwave ver: 1.32 upstream: 5.1)
(ibuffer ver: 1.09 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(hm--html-menus ver: 1.23 upstream: 5.9)
(haskell-mode ver: 1.11 upstream: 2.1)
(gnats ver: 1.17 upstream: 3.101)
(games ver: 1.17 upstream: 1.04)
(fsf-compat ver: 1.15 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(fortran-modes ver: 1.05 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(forms ver: 1.15 upstream: 2.37)
(footnote ver: 1.16 upstream: 0.18x)
(eudc ver: 1.39 upstream: 1.32)
(eterm ver: 1.17 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(eshell ver: 1.1 upstream: 2.4.1)
(escreen ver: 1.01 upstream: 1.16)
(emerge ver: 1.11 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(eieio ver: 1.05 upstream: 0.17)
(efs ver: 1.33 upstream: 1.23)
(edt ver: 1.13 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(edit-utils ver: 2.37 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ediff ver: 1.68 upstream: 2.75)
(edebug ver: 1.22 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ecrypto ver: 0.2 upstream: 2.0)
(ecb ver: 1.22 upstream: 2.31)
(docbookide ver: 0.08 upstream: 0.1)
(dired ver: 1.17 upstream: 7.13)
(dictionary ver: 1.16 upstream: 1.8)
(debug ver: 1.18 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(cookie ver: 1.15 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(clearcase ver: 1.1 upstream: /main/laptop/165)
(cc-mode ver: 1.45 upstream: 5.30.10)
(calendar ver: 1.32 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(calc ver: 1.26 upstream: 2.02fX3)
(c-support ver: 1.22 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(build ver: 1.14 upstream: 2.02)
(bbdb ver: 1.32 upstream: 2.35)
(auctex ver: 1.47 upstream: 11.55)
(apel ver: 1.32 upstream: 10.6)
(ada ver: 1.14 upstream: 2.27)
(mule-ucs ver: 1.14 upstream: 0.84)
(mule-base ver: 1.49 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(leim ver: 1.24 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(latin-unity ver: 1.2 upstream: 1.20)
(egg-its ver: 1.27 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(edict ver: 1.16 upstream: 0.9.9)

Installed Modules:


(mail-abbrevs xemacsbug shadow sendmail rfc822 efs-cu font-lock
tex-site smooth-scrolling advice advice-preload font cus-face
un-define latin-euro-input quail overlay latin-unity-tables
latin-euro-standards latin-euro-latin10 latin-euro-latin9
latin-euro-latin7 latin-unity-vars latin-unity mwheel ispell
latin-euro-latin8 x-compose zenirc-autoloads xwem-autoloads
xslt-process-autoloads xslide-autoloads xlib-autoloads xetla-autoloads
xemacs-devel-autoloads xemacs-base-autoloads x-symbol-autoloads
w3-autoloads vm-autoloads viper-autoloads view-process-autoloads
vhdl-autoloads vc-autoloads tramp-autoloads tpu-autoloads tm-autoloads
time-autoloads textools-autoloads text-modes-autoloads
texinfo-autoloads supercite-autoloads strokes-autoloads
speedbar-autoloads slider-autoloads sieve-autoloads
sh-script-autoloads sgml-autoloads semantic-autoloads scheme-autoloads
ruby-modes-autoloads rmail-autoloads riece-autoloads reftex-autoloads
re-builder-autoloads python-modes-autoloads psgml-autoloads
ps-print-autoloads lpr prog-modes-autoloads pgg-autoloads
perl-modes-autoloads pcomplete-autoloads pcl-cvs-autoloads
pc-autoloads os-utils-autoloads ocaml-autoloads net-utils-autoloads
misc-games-autoloads mine-autoloads mh-e-autoloads mew-autoloads
mailcrypt-autoloads mail-lib-autoloads jde-autoloads ispell-autoloads
ilisp-autoloads igrep-autoloads idlwave-autoloads ibuffer-autoloads
hm--html-menus-autoloads haskell-mode-autoloads gnus-autoloads
gnats-autoloads games-autoloads fsf-compat-autoloads
fortran-modes-autoloads forms-autoloads footnote-autoloads
eudc-autoloads eterm-autoloads eshell-autoloads escreen-autoloads
erc-autoloads emerge-autoloads eieio-autoloads efs-autoloads
edt-autoloads edit-utils-autoloads ediff-autoloads ediff-hook
edebug-autoloads ecrypto-autoloads ecb-autoloads docbookide-autoloads
dired-autoloads dictionary-autoloads debug-autoloads cookie-autoloads
clearcase-autoloads cc-mode-autoloads calendar-autoloads
calc-autoloads c-support-autoloads build-autoloads bbdb-autoloads
auctex-autoloads apel-autoloads ada-autoloads mule-ucs-autoloads
mule-base-autoloads leim-autoloads latin-unity-autoloads
egg-its-autoloads edict-autoloads modules-autoloads mule-autoloads
auto-autoloads disp-table auto-show fontl-hooks canna-leim tibetan
slovenian czech romanian lao devanagari indian cyrillic code-cmds
gutter-items menubar-items x-menubar mode-motion mouse behavior itimer
auto-save lisp-mode easymenu easy-mmode iso8859-1 page buff-menu
lib-complete loadhist cus-file derived newcomment rsz-minibuf env
text-props frame obsolete cus-start custom widget cl-extra cl cl-19
packages backquote wnn unicode lucid-scrollbars cut-buffer
lucid-menubars athena-dialogs x c-balloon-help tty-frames tty toolbar
native-sound scrollbar unix-processes multicast network-streams
subprocesses modules menu-accelerator-support menubar berkeley-db dbm
md5 xemacs xim mule gutter tiff png gif jpeg xface xpm xbm
lisp-float-type file-coding linux dialog devices window-system base64)

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ESC x r e p o r t - e m a c s - b u g t BS RET

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Defaulting to the GNU Emacs-derived `sendmail.el' mail client. This facility,
while part of base XEmacs, is heinously underfeatured, and not going to get
better in the medium term. We include it so that bug reports work without
packages; we suggest that you choose and/or install one of the other mail
clients from packages if you're doing something other than M-x
report-xemacs-bug , or even if you are reporting bugs regularly.

To choose a package from those installed, click on "Options" ->
"Internet" -> "Compose Mail With ..." and decide on one from the
list. Gnus and VM are full-featured and have active user communities.

To disable this warning and stick with the old behavior, you can explicitly
initialize `mail-user-agent' to 'sendmail-user-agent . 
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