Title [PATCH] fix corruption of ~/.emacs when trying to migrate an init file XEmacs can't fully load
Type defect Module core code 21.4, core code 21.5
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Created on 2008-01-19.06:43:03 by jasonspiro, last changed 2011-09-29.17:46:33 by aidan.

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I committed this patch, in .
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Supersedes issue71.
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Hi all,

This is a patch for a preference-corruption issue.  XEmacs (I use
xemacs-21.5.27) corrupts the ~/.emacs file when you follow the steps below.  It
has happened to me both on Ubuntu Linux and on FreeBSD.  The poor guy posting at also
experienced it.

== How-To-Repeat ==

* Make a new user on your *nix PC
* Log on as that user
* Make a ~/.emacs file
* Use GNU Emacs's custom.el tool, or use vi, to customize one or more variables
* Add something to the top of the ~/.emacs file (somewhere above the
custom-set-variables statement) that xemacs can't understand, such as
the lone word:
* As that user, start xemacs for the first time
* At the "Migrate init file to ~/.xemacs/? (yes or no)" prompt, enter "no"

Now XEmacs will clobber the custom-set-variables and custom-set-fonts clauses in
your ~/.emacs file.  It replaces them with:

 '(load-home-init-file t t))

== Fix ==

See patch below.  To make the patch, I copied two lines from
into the xemacs21-devel-mule port's unpacked source.  Then I modified it to
check even more aggressively: it refuses to try to save a user's customizations
any time the init file didn't fully load, even if the custom file is a different
file than the init file.  This is because it seems that the variable custom-file
was set (to /home/j/.emacs) on my PC and I am worried it may be set
elsewhere too.

I tested the patch by deleting my cus-edit.elc and pasting in the new
cus-edit.el in my xemacs lisp directory.  It works fine.

I sent the patch to the FreeBSD folk (at you can see my bug report) and
they merged the patch into their own XEmacs distribution.  But they did not send
the patch to you folks.  So, I am sending it to you now.

The patch follows.


--- xemacs-21.5.27/lisp/cus-edit.el.orig        Tue Jun 26 04:10:18 2007
+++ xemacs-21.5.27/lisp/cus-edit.el     Tue Jun 26 04:14:52 2007
@@ -3756,6 +3756,8 @@
 (defun custom-save-all ()
   "Save all customizations in `custom-file'."
+  (when init-file-had-error
+    (error "Cannot save customizations; init file was not fully loaded"))
   (let ((inhibit-read-only t))

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