Title [Bug: 21.4.21] Xemacs cannot write to networked drive on WinXP
Type defect Module core code 21.5
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Created on 2008-01-19.06:42:59 by hilmar.berger, last changed 2008-05-13.12:13:49 by aidan.

msg745 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2008-05-13.12:13:49

An ugly, just-enough-to-get-work-done workaround for this is
as follows: 

  (setq old-file-writable-p (symbol-function #'file-writable-p)
        old-file-readable-p (symbol-function #'file-readable-p))
  (fset #'file-readable-p #'(lambda (filename) t))
  (fset #'file-writable-p #'(lambda (filename) t)))
msg181 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2008-01-19.06:42:59
  Message-ID: <>
To: XEmacs Beta <>
Subject: [Bug: 21.4.21] Xemacs cannot write to networked drive on WinXP
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Dear Bug Team!

I recently upgraded Xemacs from 21.4.19 to 21.4.21. The older version 
worked well, but with the new one I can't write to files on a drive 
mounted over the network (provided by Samba). Writing the same file to a 
local hard drive works fine. Trying to write to a new file on the 
network drive does not work because Xemacs complains that the directory 
is write protected (which it isn't, nor is the file itself).
Trying to write the same file using 21.4.19 on the networked drive (from 
another machine) works fine.

Any suggestions ?


System Info to help track down your bug:

OS version:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

OS: Windows_NT

XEmacs 21.4.21 "Educational Television" configured for `i586-pc-win32'.

  Building XEmacs in "c:\\XEmacsBuild\\xemacs-21.4-2007-10-07\\nt".

  Using compiler "cl -nologo -W3 -O2 -G5 -MD".

  Installing XEmacs in "c:/XEmacsBuild/installed/2007-10-07/XEmacs-21.4.21".

  Compiling in support for Microsoft Windows native GUI.

  Compiling in support for XPM images.

  Compiling in support for GIF images.

  Compiling in support for PNG images.

  Compiling in support for TIFF images.

  Compiling in support for JPEG images.

  Compiling in support for toolbars.

  Compiling in support for dialogs.

  Compiling in support for widgets.

  Compiling in support for native sounds.

  Compiling in fast dired implementation.

  Using portable dumper.

  Using system malloc.

  Using DLL version of C runtime library

Load-Path Lisp Shadows:

Internationalization Settings:

Installed XEmacs Packages:
(xemacs-devel ver: 1.76 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(xemacs-base ver: 2.11 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(time ver: 1.14 upstream: 1.17)
(text-modes ver: 1.95 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(texinfo ver: 1.3 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(speedbar ver: 1.28 upstream: 0.14beta4)
(sounds-wav ver: 1.12 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(sh-script ver: 1.22 upstream: 2.0f)
(semantic ver: 1.2 upstream: 1.4.4)
(prog-modes ver: 2.14 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(perl-modes ver: 1.1 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(pc ver: 1.28 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(os-utils ver: 1.4 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(net-utils ver: 1.53 upstream: N/A)
(mail-lib ver: 1.79 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(fsf-compat ver: 1.15 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(eieio ver: 1.05 upstream: 0.17)
(efs ver: 1.33 upstream: 1.23)
(edit-utils ver: 2.38 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ediff ver: 1.71 upstream: 2.75)
(edebug ver: 1.22 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(ecb ver: 1.22 upstream: 2.31)
(dired ver: 1.17 upstream: 7.13)
(debug ver: 1.18 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)
(cc-mode ver: 1.45 upstream: 5.30.10)
(c-support ver: 1.22 upstream: No-Upstream-Ver)


(mail-abbrevs xemacsbug shadow sendmail rfc822 sh-script easy-mmode
efs-cu s-region pending-del ess-toolbar ess-mous mouseme compile
thingatpt browse-url ess-menu speedbar sb-image dframe assoc imenu
ess-swv ess-noweb noweb-font-lock-mode essl-bugs essd-omg essl-omg
essd-els essd-sas essl-sas essa-sas rtf-support executable shell
essd-arc essd-vst essd-xls essl-lsp essd-sta essl-sta cc-vars cc-defs
make-regexp essd-sp6w essd-sp4 essd-sp3 essd-r essd-r-args essl-s
ess-inf ess-utils comint ring ess-mode noweb-mode ess ess-cust
regexp-opt font-lock cus-face ess-emcs ess-site xemacs-devel-autoloads
xemacs-base-autoloads time-autoloads text-modes-autoloads
texinfo-autoloads speedbar-autoloads sounds-wav-autoloads
sh-script-autoloads semantic-autoloads prog-modes-autoloads
perl-modes-autoloads pc-autoloads os-utils-autoloads
net-utils-autoloads mail-lib-autoloads fsf-compat-autoloads
eieio-autoloads efs-autoloads edit-utils-autoloads ediff-autoloads
edebug-autoloads ecb-autoloads dired-autoloads debug-autoloads
cc-mode-autoloads c-support-autoloads lisp-autoloads loadhist
auto-show fontl-hooks code-cmds gutter-items menubar-items x-menubar
dragdrop mode-motion mouse itimer auto-save lisp-mode easymenu
iso8859-1 page buff-menu lib-complete help-nomule cus-file derived
frame text-props obsolete cus-start custom widget cl-extra mini-cl cl
cl-19 packages backquote very-early-lisp file-coding
mswindows-scrollbars mswindows toolbar native-sound scrollbar
network-streams subprocesses menu-accelerator-support menubar md5
xemacs gutter tiff png gif jpeg xpm xbm lisp-float-type windows-nt
dragdrop-api dialog devices window-system base64)

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