Title vc-annotate and SCCS
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Created on 2008-01-19.06:42:56 by skip.montanaro, last changed 2008-02-18.03:50:10 by mike.kupfer.

msg142 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2008-01-19.06:42:56
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On Thursday 04 October 2007, Mike Kupfer wrote:
> >>>>> "skip" == skip  <> writes:
> skip> As far as I know SCCS doesn't have any sort of annotate command.
> Mike> Try "sccs get -p -m /x/y/z".
> skip> Cool.  Does that make this problem a shortcoming in the SCCS
> skip> backend of vc?
> It seems so.  If you have an older version of vc (1.42 or earlier),
> there's a known bug that could be causing your problem.  If you have
> 1.43 or later, it's probable that vc just needs to be taught to use "get
> -pm".  (I haven't looked closely enough at vc to be sure.)

vc-sccs.el does not have a single occurrence of the word "annotate" so I 
suppose it's just not implemented.

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msg141 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2008-01-19.06:42:56
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I use vc (both the old at work and Ville's new version at home).  I
occasionally annotate files in our CVS repository ("who's to blame for that
boneheaded mistake?" - usually me ;-), but we have a few files which are
still in SCCS.  As far as I know SCCS doesn't have any sort of annotate
command.  When I execute vc-annotate on an SCCS-managed file it responds

    File /x/y/z is not under version control

That's almost certainly the wrong error message.  I can check the file out,
check it back in, etc.

This is the old vc (whatever comes with 21.5.28), not the new.  I actually
don't have any SCCS files at home to try this out with.  If necessary, I
will set something up.


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