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msg1858 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2009-09-25.02:40:47
See msg418 for full text of Neal's report.
msg135 [hidden] ([hidden]) Date: 2008-01-19.04:58:07
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Neal Becker writes:

 > Then start xemacs (21.5b28).
 > Choose Tools/DVC/Browse:
 >   # bind (standard-output stack-trace-on-signal debug-on-signal 
 > stack-trace-on-error debug-on-error)
 >   # (unwind-protect ...)
 >   signal(file-error ("Cannot open load file" "none-dvc"))

Looks to me like your dvc installation is broken; it's requesting a
nonexistent or unreadable file.  Or maybe what's happening is dvc is
failing to detect that it failed to detect the VC in use.

This is a problem in dvc.  The appropriate fix may be in XEmacs, of
course, but you'll need somebody with dvc expertise to diagnose.

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