Title Where should PSGML find standard DTDs?
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Pete Forman writes:

 > On upgrading from 21.5.17 to 21.5.28 I found that psgml-dtds has been
 > deprecated.

What do you mean by that?  The XEmacs core distribution neither knows
nor cares about how you edit SGML nor where you get your DTDs, and if
the core upgrade changed that, it's a bug.  Did you reinstall the

 > My own XML documents where I manage the DTDs are okay.
 > Standard DTDs such as HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 are no longer available.
 > What is the recommended config now?  Should I force the psgml-dtds
 > package to install, or manage all the DTDs in my own area?

The recommended config is to manage the DTDs in a standard place,
because our package is very old, incomplete (no DocBook 4 at all!) and
possibly buggy.  It would be bad if it shadowed a modern competently
maintained library of DTDs.  "Somebody" should write a package to
interface with the various cataloging utilities to find DTDs.

That said, AFAIK that library has not been written yet, and there's no
harm in requesting installation of psgml-dtds (you don't need to
"force" it, we just want you to request it explicitly).

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