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ID Title Status Assigned To Activity Creator
883 xemacs 21.4.23 SIGSEVs during build on NetBSD 6 (amd64) new   5 months ago hauke
590 Improving tooltip support assigned stephen 19 months ago stephen
129 Old mail archives. assigned stephen 19 months ago aidan
865 xemacs gtk jeff sparkes branch Control g does not work committed   19 months ago oub
323 Crash when displaying progress bar (typically in fontlocking) verified   22 months ago anders
889 Deprecation warnings in glibc breaks configure new   2 weeks ago matsl
888 unable to open pdf files from new   2 months ago testerswain
887 info file build errors with texinfo 4.x new   3 months ago anonymous
886 file-name-handler disabled in non-MULE XEmacs new   3 months ago anonymous
885 xemacs in X-Windows over ssh to Raspberry Pi gives tiny font size new   4 months ago anonymous
884 c-mode/font-lock hang on 21.5 beta34 x86_64-redhat-linux, Mule new   4 months ago flachs
882 Remove mailboxes of obsolete mailing lists at calypso new stephen 8 months ago stephen
880 Ffc_name_unparse gets "too much" protection from charset bug new   8 months ago stephen
876 Mule *-utils.el and mule-base package need refactoring new   8 months ago stephen
875 Tests do not run properly without packages new   8 months ago stephen
878 keymap-tests crashes due to non-command symbols new stephen 8 months ago stephen
877 The SkipIf macro in test-harness.el should report skips in summary new   8 months ago stephen
872 weird utf8 file corruption new   10 months ago anonymous
869 Bug tracker should not hide bugs from their reporter new   10 months ago ulm
873 vc do not work with latest SVN checkouts. (vc-svn backend needs to be synced.) new   10 months ago FKtPp
871 Verify that autoloaded keymaps autoload properly new   12 months ago stephen
831 Scrolling Bug new   12 months ago anonymous
847 6 lines duplicated at end of web page verified   15 months ago skm
867 configure will not detect if ncurses is built with separate tinfo library new   17 months ago matsl
812 kp-divide new   19 months ago anonymous
336 error in isearch pre-command-hook committed aidan 19 months ago anonymous
740 x-symbol references specifier tag mule-fonts which doesn't exist in 21.5 verified   19 months ago stephen
679 detect-coding-region docstring is inaccurate new   19 months ago stephen
599 An Xft font spec may be repeatedly initialized as a font instance new   19 months ago stephen
642 gnus-group-get-new-news via imap erases current buffer new   19 months ago adrian
234 Monitor new   19 months ago oub
414 [Bug: 21.5-b28] dialog boxes new   19 months ago fjt21
859 21.4.22 build failure with texinfo-5 verified   19 months ago ulm
298 update mh-e to MH-E 8 new   19 months ago mike.kupfer
846 Please package "Evil", a Vim-emulation layer new   21 months ago jasonspiro
810 etags.xemacs21 generates garbled paths new   22 months ago anonymous
858 printing strings loses eq relationship new   22 months ago mike.kupfer
53 Set up backup regime assigned stephen 22 months ago stephen
822 Broken GIFs should be handled gracefully new   22 months ago stephen
356 Buffer to Big error message new   22 months ago adam
405 Byte compiling startup files like init.el doesn’t work new   22 months ago mfabian
700 unable to access mounted file shares new   22 months ago
861 icalendar--decode-isodatetime should take a timezone new   22 months ago matsl
162 Making XEmacs/Gnus your default E-mail client under MS Windows new   24 months ago adrian
778 (make-glyph ... :data ...) on tty new   24 months ago tkil
857 Packages still not updating new   25 months ago robert.royar
789 assertion failed, file signal.c, line 733, QUIT called from within redisplay without being properly wrapped new   26 months ago mike.kupfer
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